Monday, May 23, 2011

Can I?

Can I still call it a self portrait if it looks nothing like me? :))

Oh well. Here it is anyway.
It was a product of my husbands birthday wish and the movie Frida.:)

And I wanted to share this with you.


Give away everything you know and more will come back to you.

You will remember from school other students preventing you from seeing their answers by placing their arms around their exercise book or exam paper. It is the same at work, people are secretive with ideas. 'Don't tell them that, they'll take credit for it.'

The problem with hoarding is you end up living off your reserves. Eventually you'll become stale. If you give away everything you have, you are left with nothing. This forces you to look, to be aware, to replenish.

Somehow the more you give away the more comes back to you.
Ideas are open knowledge. Don't claim ownership. They're not your ideas anyway, they're someone else's. They are out there floating by on the ether. You just have to put yourself in a frame of mind to pick them up."

Paul Arden, author of the book:
It's Not How Good Your Are, It's How Good You Want To Be


  1. I think its lovely and you've definitely captured your wee button nose and beautiful brown eyes!

  2. Wow this is lovely Natasha and quite different from your other work I really love the eyes beautiful work!!!! :0)

  3. Zelo, zelo všeč! IN - ZELO TI!

  4. A beautiful painting, whoever it is! Valeroe

  5. OH I can see your eyes--very cool! ANd very excellent advice--I love sharing everything I know, because like the man said--they weren't my ideas to keep in the first place.

  6. I just found your lovely blog and I see we share the same surname! ;-)
    The portrait of you is wonderful. Beautiful colours and composition.
    I share your thoughts about getting your work out there in the big wide world and being seen. I suppose I dislike very successful artists and illustrators taking my creative ideas and getting the recognition for something they saw on my blog!
    However, I do understand about artists inspiring each other in a positive way. ;-)
    I am now following you here!

    Best wishes,
    Jo May.

  7. I adore your painting, whether it looks like you have no idea, but don't care, just love it. I agree with you creating is about sharing as we all learn from each other. Enjoy your day, Annette x

  8. great advice! and yes, you can call it a self portrait! i think it's very brave to paint self portraits...frida did them so well. your eyes are the window to your soul and you look like you have a very happy soul;-)

  9. Takole na hitro bi rekla, da ti ni podobna. Če pa odmislim zunanji okvir in pogledam oči in nos, pa si to ti :)

  10. I always tell people I don't do portraits, but instead, paintings "inspired by" people...haha! Gets me off the hook when I end up painting something that only slightly resembles any reference photos I might use :D

    This is beautiful, though! Her face is so sweet to gaze at...her eyes so shiny and bright :)

  11. Slika je sicer krasna - a ne toliko kot ti. Je opaziti podobnosti, a nasmešek imaš ti bolj mehak...

  12. Dear Natasha-what a wonderful post! I love this "self portrait" and yes! I think it counts even if it may not look exactly like you. I have read that every portrait is (in some way) a self portrait of the artist because we put so much of ourselves into it.
    And I love your piece of give away/share or ideas and not hoard them. I am surprised at how often people don't want to share what they know! I find it a bit puzzling...the more we share, the more open we are to receive the knowledge that others share.-Soraya

  13. What a wonderful gift for your hubby. Amazing self portrait. :) You did a wonderful job with your smile and bright eyes. I'll bet the hubby loves it very much. :) Theresa

  14. Love the advice here and am happy to say I have a group of art gals I play with - we are putting together a show called "merge/emerge" to celebrate what we learn from each other and show how we each influence the others. Great fun! Love you Ajda ktity - what a pretty thing! (cam over from Strathmore)

  15. I could right away this was you! Oh to be so talented!!!


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