Monday, April 18, 2011

My friends and I

Just so you know, I do journal in my art journal. There are words and thoughts underneath the paint. I always had a fear of someone reading my diary so I never kept one.

And even now I'm reluctant to write my thoughts on my artwork. I find this a happy medium. Words are there you just can't read them. But you can feel the message, don't you?

I fell in love with this technique. Tam of Willowing has a class over at 21 Secrets so you need to check her out if you want more information than I'm willing to give you. :) This is how I started.



  1. It is a Secret, isn't it?! That we share...haha! I thoroughly enjoyed her class, too!!

  2. Very cool! Really love how you are painting your faces now they have so much expression in the eyes! Beautiful work Natasha! :0) xoxo

  3. Hmm.. spet nisem niti pogledala. Ampak napredujem, vsaj spisek vseh tečajev sem prebrala in obkljukala tiste, ki jih bom prve pogledala :)))))
    Tebi pa gre tole prav fino. Sem pa mislila, da si jih začela risat :)

  4. OK, znam da je inspiracija iz tečaja...ali, Natasha, ti već imaš izgrađen vlastiti stil...i meni je jako drag :)

  5. Natasha these are lovely!! The colors are so pretty and your girls faces full of emotion!! Very cool how they started out. Love Tam!

  6. I really like your new girls!! and what an interesting technique!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Natasha! I love it! Theresa


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