Friday, April 22, 2011

Late but ...

I'm late posting today. Partly because I have no art work to show you yet and partly because we've been laying tiles on out terrace all day. :)

But I was excited to receive a parcel from Makiko today. If you don't know of her yet, go check out her blog. She is a kind soul that decided to make 1000 ceramic birds to help Japan recover from the devastating earthquake and following tsunami. Here you can find out why 1000 birds.

Hope everyone is having a nice Friday! :) You're all probably getting ready for Easter so happy holidays. :)


  1. Havea great weekend and recover from laying all those stones! Valerie

  2. They are lovely...and what a wonderful idea for such a great cause. Off to check out Makiko now :-)

  3. They are absolutely enchanting - what a wonderful thing to do! I will definitely check out her blog. Theresa


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