Monday, March 7, 2011

Re-done and She Art

I'm back to on-line workshops. :) I took a free Strathmore on-line workshop in January by Pam Carriker and this is the journal page I made. The workshop is free so go ahead and join. And you not only get one but three free on-line workshops. :)

I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. :) It's very simple. You take your previous work and collage it in a different way. How come I didn't think of that? :) I tried journaling but I can't seem to get a grip of it. I can't seem to find the right words to put on my art. :)

I made the above page out of these four.

She Art is another on-line workshop I'm taking at the moment. This one is not free but still very affordable. And I'm really having fun! Christy Tomlinson is so fun and chatty. I like her videos a lot.

Backgrounds are pretty basic mixed media. For a newbie they are great but I have already seen all these techniques before. But it's still fun to make a mess and make paper dolls. :) It's the energy in the videos that reels you in.

This is only first week and we already made three complete canvases. Ok, I made only one but that's just because Christy said we'll be doing more modern dresses next week and I like the backgrounds I've made and I want to save them for a posh girl. And I really look forward to making scenes, too. I have no idea which week that will be but I'm excited.:)

By the way, I scanned the last painting with my new Canon. :) I like it.


  1. I love both of these classes too, and yes, I had so much fun with Pam's idea--it's my favorite journal page that I've done so far. And I so agree with you about the she-art. She makes these familar techniques new again--she's a great teacher!
    I really like what you've done so far, and I can't wait until this week's lesson too.

  2. Wow, I love the colors and texture, especially the second one :)Awesome!

  3. Great work Natasha,

    I've just recently finished watching Pam's journal class at Strathmore-online workshops. It looked amazing what she did. I've just started following the 'workshop 2' class.

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to watching your progress throughout the She Art workshop.

    Kyles =D

  4. Takole brez obrazov so zelo "dr. Whojevske".

  5. Oba tečaja sta super :) Christy je tako nalezljivo dobrovoljna, hitra, packajoča, da padeš noter in uživaš še ti :)))
    Mi je pa všeč barvna kombinacija obeh slik, taka čist zame :)

  6. Hi Natasha-I took Pams class also. It was fun. I have trouble with words on my art also. I am also taking Christy's class. It was fun. Your girl looks great!

  7. Loving these wonderful, whimsical new paintings of yours!!!!

  8. Natasha,
    Both paiting are wonderful! I am in that class too, but I have not started.. so nice to see you again! hugs, Darlene

  9. Hi Natascha May...I am taking the She Art class too:D ha ha...I've still not watched all the videos from the 1st week as I am working like mad for a solo exhibition coming soon. I fear I won't be able to do any work from the class for a couple of months, but I think I'll learn something from the videos that I can use later...trying not to stress about it too much, espeacially since it was a very affordable one.

    I am signed up for 'Do What You Love' with Beth nichols starting March 14th too...yikes!!!

    These pieces look good, like you had lots of fun with them:D

  10. wonderful! it sure sounds like a lot of fun!

  11. I couldn't view your first two photos, but I did see your She Girl art. I'm in the class, too - but I haven't done my girl yet (but all my materials are assembled). :) Glad you are in the class, too. :) Theresa


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