Thursday, March 10, 2011

Believe you can fix it

If I can point out just one thing that I learned from all the on-line workshops is that I can fix any mistake I make. No matter how much I dislike the painting in the process I always believe I can fix it and end up with something I love.

Of course I get frustrated when things don't come out like I wanted them to but I never believe that I messed up the painting. You can always layer upon layer to get what you want. It’s not always what you start off thinking you’ll end up with but it’s always something you love in the end.

That’s why I never throw away a canvas no matter how messed up it is. I have some canvas boards that I was so happy with back in the day but when I look at them now … well, they are in need of some major fixing up. :)

So this is the second She girl from the She art workshop. The background itself wasn’t really what I wanted but went with it anyway. I was really happy with the girl even though I had trouble with the upper part of her dress. But the background was just too busy and she kind of got lost in it so I changed it. I think she is wonderful now.:)

Oh, and I have to tell you that I finally found a pen that didn’t die on me. :) It’s Faber Castel’s pen with Indian ink and it’s awesome!

P.S. Sorry you couldn't see the first two photos in the previous post. I changed it and you can check it out now. :)


  1. Lovely Natasha. She looks great.

    I also agree with you. You can always fix a mistake. It may not end up how you planned, but you can still go over it none the less.

    Kyles =D

  2. Prekrasno, jako mi se sviđa!
    Sve pohvale Nataša.

  3. Aren't these girls so fun to do! She just makes you happy!! and you're so right--anything is fixable.
    P.S. I love my pitt pen too!
    Have you tried the pilot pen that Christy recommends? It's fast becoming one of my favorites--it writes over anything!!

  4. These are so beautiful! I really feel like I should try some of these workshops! Such wonderful things come from these!

  5. Natasha I love her!! What a transformation! I think they are both beautiful!! So happy you are enjoying the class! I am like you . . . i have reused canvas boards I wasn't happy with! Feels good to make new art that way! :)

  6. Iiii, kjuti :)
    Ja, vedno greš lahko čez :) Meni se doma čudijo, ko začnem kak slabo prilepljen, mehurčkast papir kar dol praskat. Češ, uničila boš? Pa vse postane del slike kasneje :)

  7. She's very cute! I love the new background and her outfit is adorable!

  8. I like the first one but the second one really pops! Great job, she looks amazing... that's such a pretty blue!

  9. Love the work your doing through this She Art course, gorgeous!!

  10. Natasha,
    I just love it.... beautiful work! Thanks for the heads up on the pen... ♥

  11. Yes, you're mistakes in art! And I do love how sunny and Springy she looks in the there is more of a story going on there :)

  12. Wow what a difference! I love this post - I am guilty of chucking many a canvas!

    Ver inspiring - thank you! ♥

  13. Oh how FABULOUS! I love the changes you made! So pretty!!!! I have come to the same conclusion as you - that you can definitely fix a piece if you are not happy with it. I have done that many times already. That seems to be the beauty of mixed media. :) I'm going to go back now and take a peek at your previous post. :) Theresa

  14. it's adorable now!! i so know what you are talking about. it may take months, but i can usually figure out what's not working and fix it!
    have a great weekend!


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