Monday, January 24, 2011


I want to talk about comments today. I LOVE your comments. Any comment will do. I’m just happy to know that someone out there is reading what I write and looking at what I create. And I’m not fooled by bloggers who say they don’t care about comments cause let me tell you if they didn’t care, they would turn off the comment section.

I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write a few words of acknowledgment. Even if you just say Hi. I don’t mind. You don’t have to be awed by my blog to leave me a comment and you shouldn’t be afraid to tell me what you think either. My heart goes a little pitter pat every time I see a longer comment. I relish reading what you have to say.

So, what kind of comments do you like? And what kind of comments do you like to leave on other blogs?

Are you bothered if someone just says Love your painting! on a blog post where you just bared your soul and told about your dying grandfather? Are you bothered by comments saying just Good work! or Love it! instead of elaborating what they like? Are you bothered by a critique?

Since I started blogging back in 2008 I only got maybe 2 negative-ish comments. How many did you get? Was it awful? Did you get offended or pissed off? Or did you shy away from it? I got pissed off. :) You want to know why? Because I didn’t ask for it. If I wanted a critique I would ask you for it.

I want you to critique my latest abstract painting. What do you think? Do you like it? Does it invoke your emotions? What would you change? Do the colors clash? Is a diagonal line a good idea?
I’m asking for your opinion.

But if you show us a piece of art that you love and you're content with it, would it be ok if someone left you a comment telling you what they think is wrong with it? Or would you think, If you don’t like it then move on, Go look at something you do like?
I think that, if someone asks for your help then by all means give it to them. But if they don’t, leave it alone. If you can’t leave it alone and you really care about that artist and want to share your insight with them, then you always have the chance to e-mail them privately. I never got such an e-mail but I would love it. I really would.

Others however don’t do well with critique. It might be heartfelt and with best interests but if the person didn’t ask for it, they might shut down. They might stop blogging about their art or give up on art all together.
And there is a difference between teachers critiquing your art or some passers-by.

Well, that’s my 2 cents on it. What’s your opinion? I hope I didn’t scare you off with this post. Sometimes people read in between the lines where there is nothing to read in. And I know you can’t really tell my feelings behind the writing. I sometimes give my writing to my friend to read before I post and she’s like, Damn, you’re pissed off!. And I’m like, No, I’m not. :) You won’t believe how much censuring goes into my writing. :) Really I love you all! Oh, wait! That’s so not hip and happening right now. I HEART you! Yes, I do!


  1. First of all, I love any comment on my blog. I don't get a whole lot of comments, and sometimes I feel no one ever looks at my blog. Why does that bother me sometimes?? Second of all I don't know how well I would take harsh critique from any stranger LOL I never give critique on a blog, if it is not my style I always try to find something I do love;-) And last but not least, your abstract painting. I do like the dark line and the composition. Lots of texture too, or just different colors ? It's hard to tell if there is actual texture in the painting, I just mean that there are no solid colors, but lots of variation. In my opinion colors don't clash, but maybe the red part is bit 'heavier' then the bottom part. If you love to try more abstract art, I can really recommend the classes of Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen, they taught me so much ! Hope you like my really long comment hahahaha. Have a wonderful day ;-)

  2. Tudi meni se nekako zdi, da če dobim komentar na objavo, je bil njen namen dosežen. Istočasno mi je jasno, da ne more biti vsaka objava toliko pomembna, da si zasluži komentarje, to bi bilo po moje nekoliko preveč domišljavo. Če je vsaka taka - toliko bolje.
    Jaz se za kritiko tvoje abstrakcije ne počutim kompetentno, o abstraktnih slikah nimam pojma. Lahko povem le, da mi je všeč vsak del posebej in da me firbec, ali bi se mi v živo bolj zdelo, da pašeta skupaj.

  3. Yeah, of course we all love comments - especially as you say, the long ones. You are right though, I never critique unless someone specifically asks "what do you think?" "what can I improve?" You have to accept though that some people just aren't comfortable with writing anything in a public forum. They like to sit quietly at the edge and observe, but that's OK too. Sometimes of course, they don't have time - they just want to read and go. When blogger starting showing stats I was surprised by just how many visitors I had to my pages - clearly the number of comments left was tiny in comparison to the actual number of visitors..
    Now, onto your painting. Well, I am just experimenting with abstract painting too, so no expert. It looks nice - which is as good a test as any I suppose!! The line gives balance. I think maybe it should have been a little higher - so it seems less like two halves. I like the red texture best - warm and rich.

  4. Odličan post, sve pohvale!

  5. Yes, I LOVE comments, and like Lisa says, you would be surprised at how many people read your blog, but you don't know it. That's why I like to read and then comment on blogs--to tell the blogger--yes, you DO have people that enjoy looking at your art and reading about the particular piece.
    I never have any critiques for anyone's art, because I know that they are happy with it (unless they say otherwise)--so that makes it art. It doesn't matter what it is--it's art, and our opinion really doesn't matter (unless you aske for it).
    And I really really like what you've done--you've created textures whether or not there are real textures there. I have problems with just leaving a piece alone.

  6. Uh, komentiranje. Ja, itak da je vsak vesel, ko prebere komentarje, in da si malo žalosten, če jih ni. Pri meni je tako, da se moram dostikrat prav zavestno prisiliti, da začnem tipkati, ker potem, ko enkrat začnem, mi ni problem napisat par stavkov. Iz srca, da ne bo pomote :) Včasih se zgodi, da me izdelek pusti brez besed. Dobesedno! Takrat bi prišel prav kakšen dobri stari smeško, ki se slini :)))) Negativnih kritik pa se raje vzdržim. Lahko da sem tisti trenutek jaz slabo razpoložena, pa mi je šlo kaj v nos, ampak to avtorja ne zanima, pomemben je njegov izdelek, in če sam ne bi bil zadovoljen z njim, ga verjetno ne bi objavil. Enkrat sem napisala nekaj v smislu ... ''vem, da znaš bolje'', pa mi je še danes žal. Če mi nekaj ni všeč, potem pač tisti post enostavno preskočim in komentiram kdaj drugič, ko mi je objavljeno bolj všeč.
    Priznam, moje komentiranje je podobno valovanju, trenutno sem v obdobju, ko sem kar pridna, kar se tega tiče. Pride pa obdobje, ko se mi nič ne da in samo bluzim po internetu, da bi pa pustila samo komentar ''Kul!'' ''Všeč mi je!'' ''Lepo!'' ... mi je pa brezveze ;)
    Ojoj, kako klobaso sem spredla. Jah lej, saj si tako hotela ane ;P

  7. I love for people to comment on my blog. It's the first thing I look at when I turn the computer on. I like it if they say great or leave a longer message. If i want help with something I usually ask. Now about your painting-I love that pinkish red color-yum and the texture all over. I like the line down the middle-it fives some depth to the painting. I belong to a critique group--there are several people in the group that know all about art and can give very detailed reasons why they like something or not-this line should be there etc--I don't have the words to do that-I respond to pieces emotionally-I like them or not or they don't evoke an emotion. When I saw your painting before reading your post, I responded to it in a positive way=to the color mostly.

  8. interesting post. I love comments, even the short ones. There are many blogs I enjoy reading, and most times I don't comment, because if I did, I would never get any work done, lol! I do try and comment on each one at some point, so they know I am enjoying it.
    Maybe that's why I don't mind the short ones, the fact that someone took the time for even that, means alot.

    It's good that you get your friend's perspective on your posts, because you can't always tell how things are meant to sound.
    I don't have anyone I show my posts to, but I heavily censor myself. I wish I could add some important, and maybe controversial posts, but I think it's best to stick with art.
    I'm a huge animal lover, and have been tempted to bring up some issues about this.
    Do you find yourself treading delicately over a particular topic?

  9. oh my!!! comments are the greatest....they feed our blogs and make us want to do more...share more of our work.....

    I always love seeing new comments and I love to visit all my wonderful blog friends too...

    it is like a community....

    I love your latest abstract!!! it looks amazing with the texture!!!!

  10. I too love getting comments. The one with detail are the ones I remember but I like getting any comment and all are appreciated. I sometimes would like to crtitique but I usually don't unless someone has asked me to.

    As to your painting I am not really into abstract paintings but I do love the red sections. It is deep and rich and does evoke emotion to me.

  11. Cool post.
    I heart comments. I have had a couple of people leave comments that show they clearly did not read the post. I wonder if they left a post to subtly encourage me to their blog or if they just genuinely got confused...! Who knows.. But at least they made the effort and I truly appreciate that.

    As far as critiquing my work .... hmmm. ... I appreciate it if I have asked. And, I appreciate it from someone who cares about me. I do not from up themselves you know whats who clearly just think they are a gift to the art world but do not actually give a damn about me or what I do. Sincerity is the key. :)

    Now to your stuff. I like them. I like abstracts and I like yours. However I love your pennys and I loved your cats. I love abstracts that are enormous or on a wall with surrealist paintings as well.

    What I just love is when someone really cares

  12. I love comments, I am always truly grateful for every comment left on my blog, that someone took time out of their day to comment on my post is an awesome feeling.
    I've been blogging for 2 years now and only had '2 bad comments'.
    Infact they were just spam really and not even specific to my blog so I didn't take it to heart.
    I don't really mind on the type of comments I get, I think I would feel bad if i'd done a piece of art I was proud of and I got no comments though.
    I, like pinkglitterfae said in the comment above, read tons of blogs but rarely get time to comment on many, to which I wish was different but, if I spent time commenting all day i'd never get any art done ;o)

    I heart you too sweetie ;o) great blog post!!

    Micki x

  13. Jaz te pa vabim:

  14. omg ... zbrisalo mi je celoten komentar :((((

    No, hotela sem napisati, da sem najprej mislila, da je slika delo Marka Rothka, pa čeprav je on slikal večinoma horizontalne linije.
    Moram pohvalit prehod iz spodnjega v zgornji del slike. Rdeča v zgornjem delu mi je še posebej všeč ♥♥♥ le spodaj mi nekako ne paše modro-zelena ;(

    Bo to podloga za kakšno novo punčko? Mogoče bolj dark?

  15. What a brave and honest post! Thanks for sharing this. I do love comments - even the short ones. And if there is an email included, I try my best to write back to each and every person who left me a message. I have only had ONE negative comment. Thankfully, I use comment moderation and it didn't post automatically. The comment was aimed to hurt, and it really stung. It was the meanest thing I'd ever read. But I tried not to let it hurt me. Anyhow, your foray into abstracts is quite good - I like the contrast between the light and dark. And there's a lot of texture and definition to it. Great job! And thank you again for posting this! Theresa

  16. Yes, I love comments too. I don't mind the shorts ones because I know there are so many blogs out there and the fact that someone took the to not only visit mine, but to write me a note......well, I'm quite grateful. It totally makes my day.
    I don't think I critique unless asked. I would never tell anyone what to do to change, enhance, etc. unless they asked and then, I always like when they have a couple ideas of what they want to try and which option we prefer. :)
    I think your work is great! I'm very new to abstract so I don't feel comfortable critiquing...I DO know it's fun to do and it's eye candy for the one who 'gets' the message each piece has.

  17. For me, any kind of critique is ok as long as it is informed and constructive. Random rantings that aren't helpful critiques are useless, and they can be hurtful. I had a very cruel drawing teacher once - he was useless. (He didn't even teach us, his assistant did!)

    I like this painting and would love to see it up close in person. I'm not sure about the colors due to the photo, but they look good. If they do clash I think it is ok because of that horizontal line. It is active and suggestive of some kind of rift. I LOVE the texture in your detail shots, especially the texture on the horizontal line.

  18. I am currently a paper artist. I like it becuase it simply has no rules thus the judgement is if I think something is good or not. I recently took up quilting and one wise woman told me that if you can't see the "mistake" from a gallopping horse then there is no mistake. So in terms of this painting, what do you think and feel? Are the colors right? For me there is some tension between the colors but I think that is the objective. It keeps me looking at it. Is the diagonal in the right place? Your call, you're the artist. For me it adds to the tension.

  19. What an interesting blog post. You've certainly put it out there. Well, I think I'm with you, when i say, I love to get comments. I just wish I got more! I only get a couple each post, so I'm really working on getting my blog noticed out there. I hope that whenever I comment on someone else's blog, they'll stop by and visit my own.

    As for your painting, I love it. I love abstract, especially when it shows a lot of texture. I think I can feel it just by looking at it. As for the diagonal line -- have you thought of turning the painting so that it is in "landscape" position? The diagonal line makes me feel off balance, like I'm going to tip over. I think it would feel less so if the orientation of the painting was changed.

    Thanks for listening!

  20. I'll take any comments...when someone takes the time to comment on something I've makes my heart sing. I don't get many comments but when I do....I love it!!! Kate was commenting on your "commenting" that is how I found your blog:) I love abstracts...I like the diagonal line and textures you works!!!

  21. Hello Natasha,
    I came over from Kate's blog as well.
    This post is creating a wonderful discussion which, I hope, will reach more and more people.

    Of course, I love comments, whether they be short or long. And it's great when someone lets me know exactly what they like about something I posted. In my 4+ years of blogging, I haven't received negative feedback or a critique I didn't ask for but I think that if I did, I would try to learn and grow from it if I found it justified. And if it was just mean, I would disregard it.

    As for the painting in this post, I can't seem to stop looking at it. It stirs something inside of me. The diagonal line gives it movement and a sense of instability. I like the colours and the whole thing makes me think of sunset on the horizon. But not a "romantic" sunset. More like a sunset after a bit storm where you can still sense a bit of danger.

    Finally, your fur babies are adorable! It's a good thing you don't live near me or I might be tempted to steal a few of them (especially Ajda!)


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