Monday, December 27, 2010

Some cats and Happy New Year wishes

I was looking for ways to make simple and quick paintings that I can do a fair amount in a minimum of time spent painting. Here they are. :)

They are made for Mačjelovka (cat catcher or cat hunter), an association that helps feral and stray cats. I used to be an active member of this association. I helped catch feral cats to spay and neuter and for some time I was a foster mom for the kittens. :) Through time it became harder and harder for me to put the kittens up for adoption. There were fewer and fewer homes willing to take such kittens into their home under our conditions and when they started to stay with me for months I became attached to them and ended up keeping them. That's why I have 7 cats and my mom has 5 of them. :) I had to stop at this number for my cats' sake so I stopped fostering.

But there is still a way that I can help. Mačjelovka has selling booths on different occasions throughout the year and I decided to donate paintings. They are made as a simple background with a black cat silhouette. The purple one was even made with a help from a stencil. I just painted in the eyes. :)

And this is my new Penny. I tried to finish her but her hair is giving me trouble. So she'll just have to wait for the New Year. :)

Happy New Year to all my blogland friends! May all your resolutions for the New Year come true and I wish you health and happiness most of all. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

The cat is finished and delivered

Just in time for Christmas. :) I was a little afraid I might have gone too dark with this cat but the recepient loves it. :)
And for all of you that are missing my Pennies here are two paintings under construction. :)
Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it. :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


I've been painting!! :) It's not finished yet but I hope it will be by the end of this week. I donated a similar painting of a blue cat for a charity auction a couple of weeks ago. All the proceeds went to my favorite no-kill animal shelter. I promised this cat to an acquaintance of mine that missed out on the auction piece.
And this is my studio. :) I need a desk but this will do for now. Do you see that light bulb on a wire? Yeah, I need someone (my hubby) to install a light fixture on the ceiling so I can paint in the afternoon as well. I thought I had enough storage for all my supplies but I guess I was wrong. :)
Happy December everyone! :))

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