Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have not fallen off the face of the earth. :) I'm still here I just haven't done anything to brag about. :) I still haven't recovered from moving. All my art supplies are still in boxes and I have no table to create on. So I just don't bother. I have no inspiration anyway.

But I have been reading a lot lately. Nothing deep and life changing though. :) Just some silly light reading like Vampire academy and stuff. I'm really going crazy over these books. I may have ordered like 30 books in the past month alone. :)

I have done another series of abstract paintings so here they are.

I'm sorry I haven't been around your blogs lately. I promise I'll do better. :)


  1. Hi Natasha!! So glad to "see" you, and just do what you want to do--everything will come together.
    P.S. Cool paintings--I like that first one alot!

  2. HI Natasha! Love these paintings! I just recently started some abstract work and these inspire me! Great job! :)

  3. Beautiful and interesting texture, I like it!
    Kisses and regards Natasha.

  4. Natasha-I love your abstracts!!-especially the first two.

  5. Love them - the first is my favorite

  6. Jaz pa pogrešam tvoje obrazke, deklice. Sem pa vesela, da vsaj nekaj počneš :)

  7. You're back! Glad to see you, I really like the paintings. I haven't read the vampire academy, I'll have to check it out. I love vampire stories. Come on over to my blog, I'm having a giveaway!

  8. not to worry, when you are in the mood, your desire to paint will come back. Take advantage of the break, and enjoy reading! I miss reading books, and the vampire ones sound interesting.
    Nice abstracts!! love the first one, but then I love color :-)

  9. Ooooh Hello. I have been missing you in blogland!

  10. Nice to hear from you again. See, you are doing art!

  11. I was wondering where you had gone... Well, look forward to seeing more lovely paintings like these again soon!

  12. i was missing you too! glad to know your still here! i love your new paintings. the second one is my fav!

  13. Ohh, do tell your favorite reading suggestions as of late! I need some good suggestions (& I love Vampires). Your new abstracts are awesome...I really like the first!
    : ) Julie


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