Monday, October 18, 2010


I mentioned in my previous post that I was thinking of doing something different with my art. So this weekend I finally grabbed some paint sprays and sprayed my ass off. :)

This one I don't like but it's my mom's favorite so I gave it to her. She said it reminded her of autumn leaves. Well, that's just fine with me. :)) In real life it's more orangey then pinkish.

It was raining yesterday and I was spraying on the terrace. When I left the paintings to dry some wind picked up and flew this one straight in the puddle. :) But it survived.

My second favorite is this one. I showed it to my dad and his first reaction was, I don't know what it means.
Me: Well, it doesn't have to mean anything.
Dad: Of course it has to! People have to know what they are looking at otherwise there's no point.
Me: Ok, than. This is the ocean and above it a stormy sky. Happy now?
Dad: See, it has to mean something.

Well, this one is my favorite. I love this one. Of course my mom doesn't like it. :) Ah, the eye of the beholder. :)) It's my husband's favorite, too. But when I took the picture, the computer flipped it around and confused me. I LOVE it flipped around. But I love it right side up, too. What do you think?
Right side up? (the sky and the landscape)
Or flipped? (the ocean and the city skyline)


  1. Najprej ta zadnja ...verzija z oceanom in mestom mi je bolj všeč, res je zanimiva.
    Moja favoritka je pa tista, ki je prestala dežno preizkušnjo. Tista črnina na sredini ima res dober učinek.

    Čeprav še nimaš studia, se ne pusti motiti. Ustvarjaj, ko ti zapaše, in si tako sprosti živčke ;)

  2. Wow, looks like you had fun ! LOL about 'it has to mean something' ;-) And about the last one, I see blue sky too .... although the skyline makes sense as well. See ? It can go so many different directions !

  3. Wow what a cool idea!! I love them and the texture too! Lovely to see you experimenting!!!

  4. Hi Natasha,
    Seems alot of us are experimenting with abstraction , do you think that means anything? ;)
    I think each viewer likes to have their own interpretation of what they see . I love to take paintings and flip them around , I often like it flipped. I love the last one in a flipped position:)

  5. Great abstracts, Natasha! I like staring at them at different angles too. It looks great both ways. I think I like the right side up one more. Have a lovely week! :)

  6. These are all great Natasha, and I really like that some people see these other ways than others, and not all of your family liked them all, while others did. This, to me, is what makes creating art fun--everyone has different feelings towards each piece.

  7. Beautiful and fabulous pictures!

    Lol at the having to mean something! My dad is the opposite and gets all meaningful and pretentious. It's cute...

  8. What a fun experiement ... that turned out some beautiful pieces! Love the texture within them too.

  9. My favorite is the one that fell in the puddle!! Very nice!

  10. zelo zelo zanimivo ustvarjanje... a ni fajn, ko v tvojem delu vsak najde poligon pripovedi zase?

  11. Those are some gorgeous pieces. I like it right side up. I don't think it has to mean anything, I like to leave that up to the viewer.

  12. Your abstract arts are very nice, especially love the third one!

  13. It is wonderful that you are trying something new, having fun and loving some of the results. I think they are wonderful. I love your dads conversation with you. Art is different to everyone, that is what I love about art.... there is no right or wrong, except in someones mind.

  14. Fun to see you experimenting, it's inspiring! I try not to ask my mom's opinion about my art, she usually doesn't like it much. I like the last one right side up. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the new paintings Natasha! The last one is great both ways. That's what I love so much about abstract art. You can play with it until it's the way YOU see it. But, someone else might see something they like upside down. =)
    (Your dad sounds just like mine!)

  16. You did a wonderful job with these abstracts. I like all of them - especially the one that you gave to your mom. It was fun to look at them from different angles. Theresa

  17. Hi Natasha! I found you on Kelly's blog. Glad to have found you! I am loving these abstract pieces! I want to try that myself sometime! They are all so cool! Looking forward to following your work! :)

  18. I really like the second and third paintings. I think you've got something here.


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