Monday, October 25, 2010

Because ...

... I still haven't done any painting on my own, I'm showing you art work I've bought recently. :) I already told you how I feel about this in the post Who is behind that painting?

So here we go. :)

Chasing Dream is from Patti from PBsArtStudio. I like to think that I'm chasing my dreams and this face is so amazing in real life. Thank you Patti for giving me a choice of this bigger piece. It's awesome!

Window of opportunity is from Juliette Crane. I dare say that owls are her signiture. So adorable! And I love how she makes the background work. Thanks Juliette fot this little cutie. :)

Love tree is from Nicola from Nicola Toms Designs. Ok, I don't think that's the title of this painting but that's how I'm calling it. :) I wanted to buy one painting before this one but faith had it that it was already reserved so this amazing piece came to me. I love it even more than the first one I wanted to buy. Thanks Nic! :)

That's all I could squeeze in my budget right now. :) How about you? Have you done any art shopping lately? :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


I mentioned in my previous post that I was thinking of doing something different with my art. So this weekend I finally grabbed some paint sprays and sprayed my ass off. :)

This one I don't like but it's my mom's favorite so I gave it to her. She said it reminded her of autumn leaves. Well, that's just fine with me. :)) In real life it's more orangey then pinkish.

It was raining yesterday and I was spraying on the terrace. When I left the paintings to dry some wind picked up and flew this one straight in the puddle. :) But it survived.

My second favorite is this one. I showed it to my dad and his first reaction was, I don't know what it means.
Me: Well, it doesn't have to mean anything.
Dad: Of course it has to! People have to know what they are looking at otherwise there's no point.
Me: Ok, than. This is the ocean and above it a stormy sky. Happy now?
Dad: See, it has to mean something.

Well, this one is my favorite. I love this one. Of course my mom doesn't like it. :) Ah, the eye of the beholder. :)) It's my husband's favorite, too. But when I took the picture, the computer flipped it around and confused me. I LOVE it flipped around. But I love it right side up, too. What do you think?
Right side up? (the sky and the landscape)
Or flipped? (the ocean and the city skyline)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just a little brain chatter for you

It is so hard to get into the groove when you come back from vacation. And it’s even harder when you move and all your art supply is in boxes on the floor. I have nowhere but the floors to create. And I'm not down with that cause I have cats and dogs that are too nosy. :)

My mojo has left me. I feel like I need to put my studio together first before I can paint anything. And I’ve been thinking of trying out some new stuff. Different style of painting. But we’ll see where that gets me. I usually forget before I start moving in that direction.

I'm copy pasting something I wrote in Wyanne's class. I was coloring a simple coloring sheet.

What I found out from this assignment is that I like to have a choice of colors. I have regular crayons but not too many color choices so I used the Portfolio series water soluble oil pastels instead. That might as well say something about my attitude toward things and money. :) I picked the easiest coloring sheet since it didn't look too detailed. And I colored very loosely without paying too much attention to details. I didn't even sharpen my crayons. Not because I didn't want to I just didn't feel like going through the trouble. Colors that I used are pretty safe for me. I use them a lot. I tried to listen to Wyanne's suggestion to pick the color that jumps out at you first. Even though I imagined a pink bunny I picked up deep red. But when I stared at the coloring sheet to see what I would color with it, I couldn't find anything. So I changed the red for pink. I was tempted to leave the background uncolored but changed my mind and colored it green for grass.

While I was coloring I was thinking about what this coloring sheet will tell about me to others. That it will look very imprecise and might give the impression that I wasn't doing my best. But the thing is that I usually don't give my best. And that is because I like to enjoy painting and if I give it my best I'll probably get too worked up about it not being perfect and not being able to do exactly how I imagined, that I would just give up in the middle of it. Which is pretty much the story of my life.

Isn't it weird how a simple coloring assignment makes you think about yourself?

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