Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm tired and a "to-do list" and a commission in progress

Are you tired? I'm sooo tired! I was ill last week and it seems as if I hadn't recharged my batteries yet. And this weather is not helping at all. Either it's blazing 35°C or freezing 18°C. I don't know what to wear anymore!

I've noticed on some blogs that "to-do lists" are very popular these days. Do you have a to-do list? Are you a to-do list person? I so wish I was. I have all the intention but I fail every time. I can even write a to-do list but then forget that I have one. That is so me! I don't even have an organizer. :) Seriously! I was in college when organizers became popular. People were writing down everything, meetings, lunches, parties,... Not me! And I so wanted to be one of those organizer people. I even bought a cute organizer and even wrote down a word or two then I forgot. I just forgot I had an organizer. I either forget to write it down or look it up. See, my problem is that if I write it down than I don't have to remember it so I forget.

I want to be a to-do list person. Can you help me? Do you have any tips? Ok, do you write every single thing down? Do you have a time table for your to-do list? How do you stick with it? Or rather how do you remember to look at your to-do list? What if you're not feeling like doing something on your to-do list? How do you feel if you don't complete your to-do list for that day?

Well actually that's not what I wanted to write about today. :) I wanted to show you what I've been working on. I know I said I won't do any more commissions since I was so frustrated with the last one but I'm doing it anyway. :) This painting is going to be by request similar to the Sisterhood painting. It's meant to be a gift for a 16 year old and her mom wanted to have a special meaning and asked me to include a quote about sisters. I'll tell you what it is when I finish it.

And a reminder. You still have time until Monday to enter my FB fan page GIVEAWAY! You can win this Bloody Penny original mixed media painting.

Have a great weekend my friends! :)


  1. To do lists ... Yes, I make them ! They help me get my mind organised, and I only do them when I feel really overwhelmed and stuff needs to get done. Because sometimes my head is spinning and I just forget important things, so that's why I make these lists ;-) But with me it's an age-thing I think, because I used to remember everything, never had to write things down... Now, approaching 50, I need lists LOL

  2. Yes I'm tired too, we've summer and it's rainy since days and only +57.2° F (+14° C) What weather will be in autumn??*g*
    I'm glad to found your blog. Love your painting art.
    Have a nice day,
    Hugs Anja

  3. Yep I am a tattoo girl for sure :) I have too many tattoos to count but i'll try.. lol... I have skulls on either side my chest, a large tribal/flower piece (unfinished) on my right collar bone all the way to elbow, a halloween piece on my top left arm, stars on insides both arms, eye of horus on hand, tribal and a cross on top left shoulder blade, angel on top right shoulder blade, cupcakes and heart and cross bones on lower back....Phew I think thats it....for now ;)
    Micki x

  4. I make to do lists, then I don't do them because I find more interesting things to do!

    I hope doing your commission makes you feel recharged! ♥

  5. Ah to do lists... Hmmm, I would like to say I'm good at them but I am a bit slack. I do try though. The trick is to make the list then prioritise and do the urgent/important things first - no matter if there's less urgent/important things on there that only take a minute! Give it a try! It works when I can keep it up.

  6. Nataša nisam još vidjela tvoj blog, super je!
    Imaš prekrasne radove!
    Odmah sam se prijavila kao tvoj novi Follower:)
    Žao mi je da nisi uspjela spojiti na moj blog, to je zbog očito loših veza, nije do mene, pokušaj kasnije.
    Velika pusa draga Bloggerette sister!)

  7. Oh, Natasha, I "feel ya" on this post, on many levels. First, YES, I agree regarding commission pieces! First, I am so honored to be asked to do one...but then the frustration sets in as I attempt to do what 'they' want, instead of what I want to do. I got a call from one of my doctors this week, and was so honored that she (1) thought of my art again, after seeing me work on my Big Girl Journal in her waiting room several weeks ago, (2) stepped out to call me (at all three of my contact numbers before catching me, lol) to request a piece for her expected babies nursery, and (3) had so much confidence in my work to basically leave me free to play...with only a few suggestions. But now the pressures on! I wish you well with your piece, girlie. My 'theory' on this newest commission is 'I will do what I want to do, and then if she likes it ~~ great. If not, I'll do another one.' Will let you know if it works, ;).

    On to-do lists ~~ I have sooo many 'lists' ~~ either 'real' or in my head! Lists of inspiration that I want to act on later, lists of products I want, lists of routine things I must do, .... but they mostly go ignored, except for the list/calendar of appointments kept on my cell phone. Without this virtual calendar, I'd never make it to anything, lol. Perhaps I need to transfer all my lists to the Notepad on my cell! If you find a great way to keep your lists ~~ and then act on them ~~ PLEASE let me know!

    Hope you continue to feel better, and obtain that recharged battery real soon, girlie! Wishing you a blissful weekend, filled with rest, nice weather, and much love.

  8. You are so funny! I was giggling through most of this post. I am totally a to do list person. I have a calender, I prefer the month at a glance so I can see the whole month out in front of me. If there are things I need to get done I try not to overwhelm myself with them. If I spread them out over the month and cross them off as I do them I find myself to be very productive. It allows me to set aside the time I want for my art and my family & friends and the time I need for my errands, cleaning & organizing etc.. I seriously don't know what I would do without my calender. So I guess it's just more of a calender not a list because I spread it out over the month. I hope this helps! I'm excited to see what you do here with this sister's painting. I just know I'm going to flip. All your paintings are so appealing to me!! You are very talented!!

  9. My to-do list is in my head! LOL The only time I ever write things down is when I am planning a vacation because I hate to miss fun things to do and see! I hope to start creating them - maybe then I won't run around half-crazed all the time trying to remember what I must get done! Theresa

  10. I am a list girl. I write lists, cross off stuff that I did, make a cleaner list, over and over again...and it never gets any smaller! I bought a spicy red planner too and I write in it with colorful pens. I don't know if it actually helps me get more done, but it does help me to stop thinking...I mean worrying that I will forget something!

    Can't wait to see your painting!

  11. Hi Natasha, so good to be back and to visit your blog again, wow you have been so busy, congratulations on your commission and your facebook fanpage has really taken off, well done! I have to get myself a to do list as I've got a lot of organising to do now that we're back from our trip. I have just moved back into our newly renovated house and have a new art area which I'm so keen to set up, how exciting!!!!

  12. Hi Natasha, i hope you feel much better by now! I'm tired too, but now I'm just about to take a break, thank God! i am doind "to-do-lists" al the time and I found them very useful, keeping me organized as much as posible. can't wait to see your new painting, i simply love your work, you know that!
    Lots of love and a big hug,
    Sanda xoxo


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