Thursday, July 22, 2010

A letter to myself and Blue cat

You are the right person,
this is the right time,
you've paid your dues,
you're thinking the right thoughts,
you're doing the right things,
and this very moment, you are exactly where you're supposed to be...
poised for the happiest time of your life. ...

The Universe

I love this quote. It reminds me to not be bitter, to not have any regrets and to stop feeling sorry for myself.

Some time ago when I was taking the Unravelling e-course with Susannah Conway I wrote a letter to my teenage self and to my old self. Have you ever done that?

Well yesterday I was "cleaning" my computer and came across these letters. I thought I might share with you some bits. :)

Dear old me!
I'm old and wrinkled with cats and dogs surrounding me. You always knew that was your future, didn't you?

Why don't you write to 30 something year old self and tell her to do a list of most outrageous things you want to do. Don't think about if it's possible or not or if you have other obligations and responsibilities. Start writing things down even little things like buying a blender for your raw vegan smoothies. Get the idea?

Wait I'll help you out:
*start seriously painting and selling your art, open that etsy shop put your paintings on e-bay and see what happens
*take those damn on-line classes even though you sometimes think you spend too much money, it's what you learn from them that counts and you'll spend the money anyway
*buy the blender any kind for starters if it's meant for you to be raw vegan, you'll get that Vitamix blender eventually
*be a damn good raw vegan and stick with it till you die of old age
*go skydiving
*go to Gardaland (again)
*go to Australia (again) maybe even stay there for a while and see if you really want to live there
*finish that damn diploma you'll be so better off knowing there is nothing left to be pressured by, you'll just have to find some other shit to bother you, and don't worry, you'll find it
* call your girlfriends and go out with them, you're avoiding people way too much
*move already, seriously, you hate it where you live right now, start fresh why don't you
*buy environmentally friendly car
*go solar, you have no idea what I mean but one day when you're ready you'll get it
*start filming yourself making art and put it on YouTube
*do an on-line workshop yourself
*write an art book
*don't ever stop writing on your blog that's your saving thread and you know it
*oh yeah, why don't you get started on those kids, two really, a boy and a girl

*travel your ass off, you need to see more of the world, first stop New York and L.A.

What happened so far?
* I opened my Etsy shop and started selling my art.
* I took those on-line workshops
* I bought the blender and tryed to be raw vegan but failed.
* I finished my diploma (in English it's called the bachelor's degree or something like that)
* we're moving this year
* I bought a Flip camera I just need to start filming myself :)
* I'm sticking with this blog
* oh, yeah, and we're working on those kids :)))
* we're going on vacation in September but not NY nor L.A.

On the other note. :) My best friend from high school is having a baby. She is due in October and this painting is meant for her little boy. Probably Luke. They're still working on the name. :)


  1. Zanimivo branje. Lušten mucek. In o ja, ne obupaj, seznam je dolg ampak tudi realizirala si kar nekaj zadev. Pohvalno!

  2. Zanimivo... najbolj zgovorne se mi zdijo prve vrstice pisma, ko te "starejša-ti" sprašuje (tebe tukaj in zdaj) zakaj ne pišeš kar sebi in si poveš, kaj si želiš.

    Lepo darilo!

  3. Great list, Natasha--keep going! I'll be the first in line for your book!
    P.S. I like your blue cat :)

  4. Anonymous22 July, 2010

    Great Blog Natasha,

    I am so glad I found you, it's funny, you are like my 'reverse'
    I was moved to Australia as a child, am about to turn 30 and planning on returning to Slovenia (Australia is so over rated!).

    I have lived on solar energy for 5 years, its very expensive to set up and the results are slow, but I guess every little bit helps.

    I was a Vegan.... until my hair started falling out. Now I'm just over it (although I can suggest the HUROM juicer, cos we all still need our vitamins)

    Good on you for persevering with your blog and you art, life is too short to worry about being 30!

    Bye bye


  5. Wow, good for you for doing a list, and completing some of your goals! love the idea of writing to your old self and teenage self, what a neat thing to do.
    Doesn't it feel good to cross things off your list?

  6. Maček je super in bo res lepo darilo.
    Pismo sebi pa je tudi dobra ideja, zakaj pa ne. Bi ga bilo zabavno prebrat. Tako kot je tvojega.
    Vesela zate, da vztrajaš in napreduješ na svoji poti.

  7. love this post! thanks for the motivation fellow flyer ♥

  8. Se strinjam, dober post. Ti je pa veliko uspelo uresničit, lahko si ponosna nase. Mi je všeč, da ko se nekaj nameniš naredit, to tudi izvedeš. :D

    Jaz sem v seriji Severna obzorja pobrala podobno idejo, da recimo za rojstni dan pišeš sebi čez deset let, in to realizirala tik pred dvajsetim letom. Lani, ko sem bila trideset, je bilo prav zabavno spet "srečat" svojo mlajšo verzijo, ki je imela med drugim en docela jasnoviden nasvet točno ob pravem trenutku. :))

  9. Natasha, Thank you for reminding me of my letter to myself. I need to go dig it out and dust it off. Being a vegan is tough, and being a raw vegan is even harder.
    My husband is so much better at it than I am.
    And thank you for your inspiring word.

  10. Da bi le imela voljo in veselje, da vse napisano uresničiš. Če ti kdaj spodleti, poskusiš znova ali ustvariš nov cilj. Smešno, za nekatere je bilo tako, kot bi jih sama pisala.

    Maček je carski! :)

  11. Love your letters and what you have accomplished so far! Good for you!!! and what a lovely painting for your friend!!!

  12. What a SWEET blue kitty!!! It will make a lovely gift. Good for you for showing us your list and actually accomplishing some things you set out to do for yourself. Keeping lists is a good thing - I should start. Thank you for such an inspiring post! Theresa

  13. Hi Natasha! Great post! Wishing you more and more checks off your fabulous list! :)

  14. Anonymous23 July, 2010

    I love the Blue Cat, he has a great expression,
    Interesting list... You're making headway with your list.

  15. Love the letter, I love that you wrote it to your old self writing to your young self! your goals are great and wow, you've accomplished a lot of them!keep going!Your art is beautiful. Love the cat!

  16. What a great list. You were so brave to write it and include so much. And look how much you've done!

  17. wonderful words and art!!!

  18. I have done this and it was a very emotional process for me. I think it was in a book I was reading through... oh darn... what is the name of the book???? I think it was by Julie Cameron or something like that - The Artist Way? I think that's it. Great thing to do! I love your cat!

  19. Anonymous24 July, 2010

    This is such a lovely post! I love the cat! I was raw vegan for a wee while. I really enjoyed it at first but then winter came and I felt frozen and bored with my food. Juicing is still a big part of my life tho!

    I agree with Anna, Aussie is over rated. Holiday in New Zealand. :)

  20. Natasha, very inspiring post and i am soo happy to see all that you have accomplished and working towards other goals in your list!! You are doing great! I too adore that cat ~ such a beautiful painting! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  21. Fun letter, great idea. I love how we get inspired by each other to do more, put ourselves out there, live.
    I bought the vitamixer 25 years ago. Still have it, still use it, still love it. But don't do the raw diet. I like meat too much:-)

    bought the "flip", got a youtube channel, filmed two paintings. It's scary until you do it, then fun.

    You sound like such a cool person:-)

  22. wow- you've accomplished so much that you wrote in the letter! yay for you, really! :)

    i have a flip camera too and LOVE it. so easy. i just keep in in my purse so it's with me a lot. very funny to get it out at odd moments!

  23. That CAT is so adorable.. he just makes me smile even though he has a slight naughty face! You have managed to accomplish a lot since you wrote your letter- WAY TO GO! I like this idea.

  24. lots of fun to read! i love your style.

  25. Oh Wow I love love love this post...your so open & raw & you've completely drew me in:D I love it that you shared part of those letters, an excellent ideal. and above everything else I have to say today, CONGRATS on all the things you have accomplished:D XOXO Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy

  26. This is such a beautiful post and i love that quote lots! Something i need to hear today ~ thanks so much for sharing! You are an inspiration and thank you so much for sharing your letter! Congratz all the things you have accomplished! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  27. Hi Natasha, Great post, wishing you more checks off your list and that is so sweet to make this painting for your best friends baby. Love it!

  28. This is wonderful Natasha, thanks for sharing!! what a wonderful thing to do, to shed some light on the dreams and plans we all have but tend to leave unresolved and unattended :) Thanks for the inspiration, wish you luck and fun checking off more wonderful things on your list!!

    Hugs and smiles,


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