Thursday, July 22, 2010

A letter to myself and Blue cat

You are the right person,
this is the right time,
you've paid your dues,
you're thinking the right thoughts,
you're doing the right things,
and this very moment, you are exactly where you're supposed to be...
poised for the happiest time of your life. ...

The Universe

I love this quote. It reminds me to not be bitter, to not have any regrets and to stop feeling sorry for myself.

Some time ago when I was taking the Unravelling e-course with Susannah Conway I wrote a letter to my teenage self and to my old self. Have you ever done that?

Well yesterday I was "cleaning" my computer and came across these letters. I thought I might share with you some bits. :)

Dear old me!
I'm old and wrinkled with cats and dogs surrounding me. You always knew that was your future, didn't you?

Why don't you write to 30 something year old self and tell her to do a list of most outrageous things you want to do. Don't think about if it's possible or not or if you have other obligations and responsibilities. Start writing things down even little things like buying a blender for your raw vegan smoothies. Get the idea?

Wait I'll help you out:
*start seriously painting and selling your art, open that etsy shop put your paintings on e-bay and see what happens
*take those damn on-line classes even though you sometimes think you spend too much money, it's what you learn from them that counts and you'll spend the money anyway
*buy the blender any kind for starters if it's meant for you to be raw vegan, you'll get that Vitamix blender eventually
*be a damn good raw vegan and stick with it till you die of old age
*go skydiving
*go to Gardaland (again)
*go to Australia (again) maybe even stay there for a while and see if you really want to live there
*finish that damn diploma you'll be so better off knowing there is nothing left to be pressured by, you'll just have to find some other shit to bother you, and don't worry, you'll find it
* call your girlfriends and go out with them, you're avoiding people way too much
*move already, seriously, you hate it where you live right now, start fresh why don't you
*buy environmentally friendly car
*go solar, you have no idea what I mean but one day when you're ready you'll get it
*start filming yourself making art and put it on YouTube
*do an on-line workshop yourself
*write an art book
*don't ever stop writing on your blog that's your saving thread and you know it
*oh yeah, why don't you get started on those kids, two really, a boy and a girl

*travel your ass off, you need to see more of the world, first stop New York and L.A.

What happened so far?
* I opened my Etsy shop and started selling my art.
* I took those on-line workshops
* I bought the blender and tryed to be raw vegan but failed.
* I finished my diploma (in English it's called the bachelor's degree or something like that)
* we're moving this year
* I bought a Flip camera I just need to start filming myself :)
* I'm sticking with this blog
* oh, yeah, and we're working on those kids :)))
* we're going on vacation in September but not NY nor L.A.

On the other note. :) My best friend from high school is having a baby. She is due in October and this painting is meant for her little boy. Probably Luke. They're still working on the name. :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sisterhood of Penny

Hi everyone! I'm back. :) I had last week off work to do some packing since we're moving soon. I thought I was going to do lots of art but it was so ridiculously hot I couldn't move a finger without breaking out in sweat. Yesterday however the air cooled down a bit and I managed to finish this piece. I call it Sisterhood. :)
I think they are adorable, don't you? :) I have no sisters so I have nothing smart to say about sisterhood. I could tell you a thing or two about my older brothers though. :)
Dresses and sunflower are cut out of napkins.
Yesterday I sold my first painting on Etsy!! :))) Happy me!
Now I'm off to check out what you've been doing while I was gone. :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fly Penny, Fly!

(SOLD, thank you :))

Look! I used words!!! :))) I should write something inspiring, right? Something like taking flight, taking the leap,... But I'm not gonna. :) I don't feel like it this morning. :)) You understand, don't you?

This is another 15 cm round canvas. Her hair is more brown then it is red.

Not much to say today. :) Have fun everyone! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog award

Look what I got. :) I received this sweet blog award from Alenka. Thank you! Go check out her blog. She is one talented lady. :)

Here are the rules:
* nominate 10 blogs for this award
* make a blog post about it and let everybody know who you got it from
* let the nominated blogs know about the award

So here we go:
Annette Q

These ladies make some awesome art so make sure to stop by their blogs. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Art Book review

Today I want to share some of my art books with you. You probably know of them already since they are best sellers and well known in art community. If you click on the photo or the title of the book it will take you to my favorite on-line book store. Book Depository is a UK company but it ships worldwide for free. Yes, you heard me, for free. And the prices are usually lower then Amazon.

My very first art book that I bought was Kelly Rae Roberts' Taking Flight. This is an amazing book that not only teaches you different techniques but leads you on a journey of self discovery. It talks about dreams, fears and embracing the journey. It's very Kelly Rae and it features some other artists as well. There are step by step instructions on completing several paintings (7 I think) using different techniques and each step is photographed as well. I made several projects following these instructions and you can find them HERE.
150 x 150 flying lessons badge
P.S. I recently have taken her e-course Flying Lessons and it was amazing. We talked about building a business on line and selling our art. Amazing tips and tricks! Kelly Rae is now offering an e-book of the e-course and I would highly recommend it. Just click on the button above to take you to her site.

My second book was Alisa Burke's Canvas Remix. This is totally different style from Kelly Rae. You can get the feel of it on Alisa Burke's blog. The book is colorful and very graffiti art like. Instructions are great and followed by a photo. You can not only find different techniques for backgrounds but Alisa shows you what to do with that canvas too. Ideas to make all sorts of projects. Of course I made some as well. Find them HERE.

My latest purchase is Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab. I was first afraid that this book will be too similar to others. Lets face it. How many mixed media techniques are there, right?! Well, I was wrong. I LOVE this book. It's so Carla Sonheim. It's playful and weird. :) In a good way. It touches on some traditional drawing techniques but mostly it's about loosening up. Don't get it if you want to learn to draw a traditional portrait because you'll be disappointed. This is a book that makes you want to be silly. :)

I bought Dawn DeVries Sokol's 1000 Artist Journal Pages because some bloggers were very impressed with it. This is not an instructional book. It's a book full of journal pages from different artists. I think of it more as an inspirational book. If you're a beginner or you're stuck, you can browse through these pages and get some ideas. You can see on THIS post how I struggled with a page and then found inspiration in this book.

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