Friday, June 4, 2010

Who is behind that painting?

Funny how the internet and blogging works. You read someone’s blog post that you like so much that you decide to leave a comment. But before you do that, you read other comments because you don’t really want to be saying the same stuff everybody else is saying. Well at least you want to rephrase it so you don’t look like a dork. :)

KJ & the Dreamy Giraffe
And then you like what someone wrote in the comments and you click on their name to check out their blog and what they are all about. While you’re snooping around their blog, you find another post that you like and it’s giving credit to some other blogger whom of course you want to check out, so you click on the link.

Duda Daze

This is how I found Tara and a guest post by Kristen about Creative tithing; giving & getting. I love how the Universe works! Let me explain that a bit more so you won’t be like, hmmm, she had a great intro but then she starts rambling about the Universe. Focus, woman, focus! :)

Lisa Lectura
Ok, I always liked art but when I was growing up we didn’t have much art around our home. My parents didn’t see any value in that. So at the beginning of my art journey I looked at some artists and their Etsy shops and thought wow, I would LOVE to have that on my wall. But I didn’t buy it. Why? Because I thought well, maybe I can do that myself and I won’t have to spend money on the real thing. Fess up, you have the same thoughts from time to time; don’t make me feel weird now! :) But lazy, khmm busy as I am, I never got around to it and the original was sold and I had nothing on my wall. Great!

Pam Carriker
But then one day I had an epiphany. Yes, it was an epiphany for me, ok?! :) I realized that even though I can try and copy my favorite artists, it’s never the same as actually owning one of their original art pieces.

I started buying art from people I admired. Not just because I liked something of theirs but also to support them and their art. I think that is important. How can you expect someone will spend their money on your art if you’re not willing to spend it yourself? Give and take, people, give and take! This one below was my first Etsy purchase ever.

Darla - Artistic Accents
And let’s face it. You can go on Etsy right now and search for mixed media paintings. Do you see what comes up? 809 pages of stuff!!! So what is it that makes you buy a certain painting? I’ll tell you. The artist behind the painting. That is what you are buying. The artist! Her soul, her emotions, her voice, her world. ... Damn, that was so deep it brought a tear to my eye. I’m not kidding, sometimes I even surprise myself. :)

I was thinking about this the other day and I didn’t really think it was something worth mentioning on my blog. Cause it's deep and all. :) Until I came across this post. Then I realized as I frequently do that as much as we like to think that if YOU thought of it everybody else is thinking it too, that is just not the case. Cause lets face it, there are few Einstein’s in the world and the chance that I’m one of them is very small but you know how when you’re doing something scary you feel like you’re the only one in the world that feels that way? Yes, we are conflicting personalities. Get use to it!

Carla Sonheim
So I decided to write about this today. Chances are you already thought of this before or I might have given you something to think about. Either way this was something I needed to say. Just because you're an artist doesn't mean you shouldn't buy another artist's work. Let's support one another and reach out. If you cannot afford a certain art why don't you just let the artist know how much you love it anyway. They would love to know even if you don't buy it. I sure would want to know and I am ever so grateful for every comment I get on this blog saying so.

Audrey Eclectic
If you’re wondering, yes, I own all original paintings featured in this post. Lucky me! :)

Did you buy any artwork lately? Why don't you tell us about it.:)


  1. Super razmišljanje!

    Sicer ne bom odkrila nobene tople vode, ker mislim podobno:
    umetnik je tisti, ki te pritegne. Kupiš ga sicer ne, je pa povod za to.
    In prav vesela sem, kadar prva komentiram, ker je res kruto, ko prebereš nekaj, kar si sam želel povedati. :)

    Zadnja slika me pa spominja na ilustracije iz Malega princa (kača, ki je pojedla slona; ne klobuk) :) !

  2. I love how sometimes you read and post and find yourself jumping up and down with agreement!! Yes, that's me too - from looking at lovely art and thinking I'll make something similar, to then going out and buying to support other people like me and have the thrill of owning something created by them. I have a few original paintings now which I adore. The day I found Etsy was a great one for me (although my bank balance might not agree!!)

  3. I couldn't agree with you more!! and this is what I want too. I want to be surrounded by my "friends", and how else, but by their art--it will take a while, but I'll do it.
    P.S. I started wandering around blogland from your different links that you posted,and at one point I was lost (seriously--I should have left crumbs along the path), but I found my way back :)

  4. Hahaha, Diane, you made me laugh. :)) There sure are a lot of links in this post.

  5. what an inspiring post! I went and read the initial post about tithing, and she said it all so the beginning, I did have resistance to buying something I though I could do, but then I realized, it wouldn't be true. It would be me copying another artists vision. I now am the proud owner of original paintings by Pam Carricker, Tascha, and Diane Duda, as well as some prints. I decided I will buy special pieces from each artist I love, because they mean so much to me. It is true, you buy a piece of their heart and soul.
    You have a wonderful collection! The Dreamy Giraffe was actually the first artist I discovered on Etsy, and now I wish I would have bought an original from her back then, lol!
    Thank you for a wonderful post, saying exactly how I feel better than I could.
    enjoy your art :-)

  6. Wow-you are lucky to own all those paintings! The blog world is huge, but it's suprising how many of these artists I am familiar with--so in some ways its a small community!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful paintings and I discovered a few new artists too!!

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful post! Every word you have written here is SO true. We are all in this together and should try to support one another. I, too, own many original paintings and prints from amazing artists I have discovered online. And although I make jewelry, too - I still purchase from other jewelers. Everyone sees things differently - and the beauty that is achieved does come directly from the artist's soul. I plan on trying to sell my paintings next. I am excited about this venture. Thank you again for such a beautiful, insightful post. You have collected some amazingly fantastic work here - some by artists I already know and love and others by artists I have yet to discover. Amazing!!! :) Theresa

  8. This is so true, great post!!! We sure live in an amazing world, don't we!!!!

  9. What a great post. I too have some Art from others who I admire but I think its time for something new. Thanks for the reminder..

  10. Wow! What a lovely collection you have there! I think once our house is renovated (while we're away overseas) I'll start purchasing some of my favourites, I'm getting a new art work area so it would be really cool to fill it with inspiration. Great post Natasha!!!xxx

  11. SO lovely, and I'm so glad you followed your instinct and decided to create things of beauty- and collect them too! Aw look, my Sea Captain's Wife! I know she has a good home with you :) best of luck on your artistic journey....

  12. Its called 6 degress of seperation. I love linking especially late at night when I can not sleep!!

  13. natashamay...we have so may faves in the art of thesee women...just stopping by from a pause in our flying lessons to say hello and say i am so happy to connect with you...

    Blessings, R

    Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva
    Cre8Tive Compass Magazine
    Cre8Tiva's Blog
    Artistically Speaking Talk Show
    FAMM Live Radio

  14. I'm flying in to say hi. I love this post and your collection of art. I admit to thinking on so many occasions, "I could make that." As if I ever have. But I would much rather have a piece of art showcasing someone else's creative vision, instead of me attempting to copy it.

    Here's to supporting one another on our artistic journeys!


  15. this really is a wonderful post and each of these pieces of art is charming and wonderful. You must love enjoying them all. Yes, it is wonderful to support one another!

  16. i love this post too! i just bought something from a fellow artist today. it didn't cost much. it doesn't have to. it's still a little piece of that artist. i'm hoping i can make this a monthly practice. :)


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