Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rambling and Black Penny

First of all, thank you for your input on my last blog post. I decided I will start with professionally made prints first then see where it goes. I have also found a company that sell mats wholesale but I will have to see if I can get them.

(original mixed media painting available on Etsy)

Now, blogging is tuff. You never know how much you want or need to share with the rest of the blogging community. Blogging reaches out to people you don't know. You meet people you like or don't like and with some you might form some kind of virtual friendship with.

If you only post pictures on your blog without your thoughts to accompany them, what does that say about you? Are people interested in just your pictures or do they want more? On the other hand if you post your opinion about everything in life it might bring some hatters your way. Do you want that extra drama in your life? I mean if you're really passionate about something sure go ahead and blog about it but be prepared to stand your ground because there are people out there that don't agree just as passionately.

I think we all like to peek into other people's lives to see how they're doing and how they are managing. It brings us closer to the blogger, it makes her/him more real. But there is a fine line between being real and saying too much.

So where is the line? How do you figure out how much of your real self you're going to put out there?

I’m in a rambling mood today. :) Do you want to know how my day goes? Well, kind of like this:

* I get up at 6:05. When my alarm clock rings, I'm up in a second. I don't understand people like my husband, who set their alarm clocks two hours in advance and then hit the snooze button every 15 minutes. That would be torture for me.

* I drink a glass of water, brush my teeth, feed the cats and take out my dogs.

* If it's Monday, Wednesday or Friday, we jog. If not, we just take a walk.

* I come back at 6:45. I drink another glass of water, take a shower, wash my hair and put on makeup.

* Around 7:25 I feed my dogs and get dressed.

* I leave house around 7:30 for work.

* Can I just say that I'm sunshine in the morning? :) I really am. I'm happy and content. Again, I don't understand people like my husband, that wake up grumpy and you can't talk or even look at them until they had their morning coffee and a cigarette. I guess they start low so they can improve along the day. :)

* I work from 8AM-4PM

* I eat bananas for breakfast every morning. Not one, not two but three, every morning.

* I eat lunch from 11-12AM.

* After work I rush home, feed the cats and take out the dogs. At this point I don't want to do anything else. It's hot and I'm sweaty. No, we don't have air-conditioning.

* I look at my unfinished paintings on the kitchen table and have a mini war in my head whether to paint or wait for the air to cool down a bit. Because if I'm hot I get annoyed really quickly.

* I'm lazy too. More than I would like to admit. But I do have my moments of energy and If I have to do something I will do it. Just not of my free will. :) I need deadlines. I always admired people that find something to do all the time. I'm happy just looking at the skies with music playing in the background.

* I look at the floor and have another mini war in my head whether to sweep the floor or not. I don't like housework. We have dog and cat hair everywhere. I rather throw out all the carpets then vacuum every day. I don't like vacuuming. I make my hubby do it. :)

* So, out of frustration I go on the Internet to surf around a bit. Nothing new. Well if it's Monday, then I watch True Blood on free on-line TV.

* By this time I'm bored and I'm still waiting for my hubby to come home from work. I go and sweep the floor.

* Then I wash the dishes.

* I'm still looking at my unfinished paintings.

* I go read a book. If I'm not reading anything specific I then read my favorite, Pride and Prejudice.

* My hubby comes home at around 6:30 -7.

* I feed the dogs.

* Now it's cold enough to paint. I go and paint.

* Painting for me is never a thing I do for hours without a break. I mean, if I get into it I could, but the way I do my paintings I'm always waiting for layers to dry. I try to work on several paintings at a time but I can only do backgrounds that way. Faces never. I have to finish one face to start another.

* Another thing is I paint standing up. I cannot sit and paint. That's why I couldn't paint long hours even if it was possible without the drying time, because my back and neck start to hurt.

* I take out my dogs around 10PM. Unless I fall asleep waiting for layers to dry. Then I usually wake up at around 11 and then take out the dogs.

* It's sort of perfect because I come back and it's usually a new lesson posted on Flying Lessons course. :)

* I devour the lesson, usually leave a comment and then go to bed.

I know, my life is boring. Well during weekdays anyway. I try to have fun on weekends. And probably many of you are envious of my free time. Don't worry that will change soon. :) But that's the way I am. I never put myself under too much stress. I'm always aware of that. If life seems hectic for a second I calm myself down and think whether it's worth it.

I guess it would be a whole other game if my income depended on my artwork alone. That's why I love Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons because it keeps pushing me to venture out. To try new things. To expand.

Black Penny is the painting that started out like this. Upper photo shows one of the "seizure like" stages of the painting. It turned out a bit different in the end. :)


  1. I LOVE black penny. I sometimes do my hair that way too like her. Very gorgeous painting! I guess it's really up to you what you feel comfortable in sharing when it comes to blogging. As you move along your adventures in blogging, you will find your "voice" and your blog niche. I think my blog is always just a "glimpse" of my life.YOu are doing really great with your blog! Keep it up! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. it's definitely a fine balance to achieve when it comes to blogging and I often wonder about this myself too! i guess it comes down to what we feel good about - if we feel good about it that has to be a sign that we have found that balance - what is right for you... i enjoyed reading your ramblings! And I WISH i could get up at 6.05am (hmmm I'm one of those alarm 'snoozers')!!

  3. Mogoče misliš, da je dolgočasno, ampak pikantnosti so v vsakodnevnih malih podrobnostih, četudi se kdaj pa kdaj ponavljajo - že to, da znaš vse to opisati na tako zanimiv/humoren način, ni dolgočasno! :)

    Jaz sem tudi "snooze"-tip človeka :))

  4. sunshine in the morning, huh? i wish i was. i am NOT. and oh yes, the snooze button is crazy!! :)

  5. Všeč slika z vsemi belimi dodatki in všeč zapis. Samo čas sem si morala vzet, da sem ga sploh prebrala od začetka do konca :)
    Me je pa malo predramil zapis, da se bo količina prostega časa spremenila?????? hmm, kak vesel dogodek? :)))) No, karkoli že je, uživaj. Tako kot v odkrivanju novega pri ustvarjanju. Meni je super, da te lahko spremljam.

  6. Love your Black Penny; your faces are so soothing and peaceful. I can so relate to the life of another animal owner/lover. My "babies" are two labrador retrievers . . . and without them, I can only imagine how much lazier I would be. Thanks for sharing a peek into your day. We have very similar lives that some may think are boring, but I prefer to think they are peaceful, ;). Happy Day!

  7. I guess it's all a matter of balance..I too struggle with how much to share....

    A friend told me not to give more than I can afford to loose..

    Love Black Penny, she is adorable!
    See you on the flying pages!

  8. I always enjoy it when people write about their "boring" everyday life, I find it interesting and sometimes in inspires me also :)

    I`m so with you on the alarm clock thing btw, I hate snooze buttons, lol.

    Black Penny is beautiful (as you may know I love to draw hair like that myself... it`s so whimsical and cute)

  9. I chuckled about the vacuuming, heheh! I make my husband do it too, I just cant face it.
    And the blogging...and I'm finding such a change in your recent blog posts Natasha, you seem like youre really opening up and I'm really enjoying them, I really am. I wish I could be as open as you ;-)

  10. What a busy day! You make me feel lazy ;) It is amazing all you get done before going to work!

    Deciding what to post on your blog is definitely a personal thing. I try to keep my blog art centered and write about some things that might share a bit of me to understand my art better, but the decision on what your own personal filter is has to come from you.

    Hope you get lots of painting done! I find its best to paint when inspired and rest and refill your inspiration well when you're not :)

  11. Anonymous01 July, 2010

    Wow, you are a power house! I am an alarm snoozing, cofee must have, non sunshiney person in the morning!

    I struggle with how much to share too - so I just go with how I feel on the day.

    LOVE black Penny!

  12. Beautiful new painting - I love this one very much! Thanks for sharing your daily routine - it's amazing when you write it down just how much can be done in a single day. Although I often wish there was more time in the day so I could get even more things done! Theresa

  13. Your painting is a joy!!!
    I found you thru the sorority and will visit again for sure!

  14. Anonymous04 July, 2010

    You're so busy and still have time to paint. I sometimes feel the days are too short. and thank goodness for the chatty, sunny, morning people in this world. Sometimes it's hard to remember not to talk to the grumps in the morning.


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