Monday, June 14, 2010

My about and my new website

I just realized I never seem to thank you guys for your comments. I do appreciate every word. And thank you everyone for your thoughts on my previous post. It makes me feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one. :) You gave me some alternative perspectives to look at and I'm not bothered about why anymore.

So here it is.

I’m a self taught mixed media artist and I make whimsical pretty faces on layered backgrounds using acrylic paints, colour pencils and tissue paper to name a few. Every painting of mine conveys a certain emotion and has its own message even though I don’t usually write any inspirational words on it. I like to leave that interpretation open for the audience because I believe we look at art not just with our eyes but with our soul and heart as well. We seem to make up our own stories and ascribe our own feelings regarding the subject. I feel like I’m leaving blank spaces for you to fill in. This way the painting is just as much yours as it is mine. Enjoy!

Anyway, how was your weekend? I was creating my new website. :)

It wasn't easy though, let me tell you that. I really wish there was a step by step tutorial from start to finish for clueless people like me. Seriously! I bought a domain, logged into my panel and wanted to install wordpress. For this I followed the famous 5-minute-installation guide however it turned out to be a 5-hour-with-a-help-of-my-webhost-support-team-person-named-Stuart-installation.

I even had some video tutorial to help me, but people! I'm not a techie! I have no clue what MySQL is or a root directory! Ok? Speak plainly to me. Tell me where to go to find it and some print screens would be lovely. This would make everything so much easier for me.

I found out eventually, don't get me wrong, I'm good at following directions and figuring things out. But I had to read like a million of how to's to figure out what the hell you're talking about in your famous 5 minute installation. And to top it off, it didn't work. I don't know why. It’s all nice and lovely when you follow the steps and stuff that is supposed to happen actually happens. But my life is never that simple. It's past 5 minutes and I still don't have wordpress installed.

I now had to search for troubleshooting tutorials. And in process of doing that guess what I found? A tutorial for automatically installing wordpress with Fantastico. Wait! What? Why is wordpress making me do all this complicated stuff manually that doesn't work in the end, when I could just click on the Fantastico button in my c/panel? You are mean people. You know I just wasted 5 hours of my life on this.

Well lets click on Fantastico then, shall we? All is well until the second step. Why is it not working? Oh yeah, because I've done all this stuff manually already and now I have to delete it. After several tries and after I deleted everything I could find I had to admit my defeat and contact my webhost support team. I said I messed up and I need help. Lovely Stuart e-mailed me within 30-40 minutes saying, we fixed it for you, go try again. And guess what? It worked!! :)

Now all you lovely people go and check out my new website. :) Go, go, go! But do come back. I have more to tell you. I'll just wait right here for you.

So what do you think? It's still in the process of making. Cause let me tell you I have blogger figured out but this stuff doesn't work like that. I want to make a link and it won't happen. I upload a picture and there are two showing. I delete a photo but there is still one up there. Where is it? How do I delete it? This is not user friendly I tell you.

And I, a clueless non techie person, have no idea how to search for "I want to click on the image on my homepage that redirects me to another page or outside source like Etsy and I want several of those images side by side instead of one below another". Yeah, see, why have simple links when you can complicate your life? :)But in the end, after hours of searching for how to's and not knowing what word to put in the search engine I finally figured it out and I felt like a queen. Yes I did. :) I made my husband call me The Queen all day long. :)
So, how do you like my headers? Click on them for a bigger picture. I know they are nothing special but I'm learning Photoshop now to come up with something more dazzling. :) Which header is your favorite? Just tell me the number from the top.


  1. wow it is amazing!!! you are so clever... I have been thinking about doing this, but it all seems too hard! You have inspired me to give it a go.


  2. O, fino!

    Ja, te zadeve ti znajo kakšen siv las narediti :))

    Moje mnenje: jaz sem za eno od prvih treh slikic (kjer je napis jasno viden - torej na črni ali beli podlagi)

  3. I like the 4th header, and I'm out of breath just reading this. You should be giving yourself a BIG pat on the back. I just want to redo my blog, and am afraid to touch it. This must be a great boost for you to do anything now. I'm going to check out your NEW website--that's so cool!!

  4. Isn't it just awesome when you finally get these tech things done ? New website looks cool, I love the different tabs in Wordpress, but after your story I don't think I will switch LOL To make it difficult, I like the first header, with the white in between with your name ;-)
    And I love you 'about' !

  5. You know, everybody keeps asking me how I put that bloghop up on my blog, and I don't know how I did it! It took me about 4 trys. I think all you have to do is copy and paste that link right above all of the websites--nothing else--just try putting that one on your blog post and see what happens. Even the intro text will pop up. Before I posted it, nothing was showing up , but when I actually posted the blog, it came up.

  6. Your web site turned out great it is really easy to navigate. Love all your Fur babies!!

  7. i LOVE blogger and am neevr leaving it. i used to use wordpress and i AM techie. still dislike it. i love the community aspect with blogger especially.

    can't choose fave header, depends on the rest of the website.

    good luck!

  8. First of all, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I can certainly sympathize with your computer woes. I'm trying to do some of the same things but I sure don't have your patience. Good job.
    I love your paintings and you are right, they don't need words and that seems to answer your why. You can and do express yourself through your art. You enjoy it and that is wonderful.
    I love all your pets and the memory. How would we get along without them?
    Rita A.

  9. It's looking great so far, Natasha! I love your "about me." Very well written and conceptualized. :) Can't wait to see the rest of your website. Congrats! Theresa

  10. OOoh, I got all tense just reading your technical woes. Don't you just hate it when they assume you understand all that techie gobbledogook. We're arty creatives not process bods, don't they understand?
    Anyway, congratulations. I like the headers with the black text on white background. I think you did a great job with the 'about' by the way!

  11. Čestitke! Gledam tvojo galerijo in ugotavljam, da mi je še vedno od vseh najlepša tista z roza lasmi. Če bi že morala izbirat. Če boš kdaj prodajala printe, se bom verjetno zagrebla zanjo.

  12. Hi Natasha! Congrats on a wonderful new website! I haven't even had a chance to dabble in that yet. It looks fabulous! Great job! I like the first header. Have a great week! :)

  13. I looooove your website!! You did a great job, and compared to me, you ARE a techie!! Your art is beautiful, Natasha... you're very talented. Have a fab day and I'll see you in class.

  14. Yes, congrats on your website and on your perseverance! Thank you for your comment and for following my blog. It's nice to 'meet' you and see your lovely work! And your fur babies . . .
    so cute.

  15. congratulations on accomplishing so much! your website looks terrific. i love the header you have up now with the purple writing and the girl with the blue hat, but i'm also partial to simplicity and love the same header with the white center. thank you for being so inspiring!

    see you in flying lessons!


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