Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looking for a WHY

Look! Google has a new dress! :))) I opened google today and this brought a smile to my face. :)

Anyways. I've been lazy. And I have a question I wish I had an answer to.

I've been looking around some blogs and it apears to me that all those artists out there in blog land have found some spiritual reason to make art. It’s so frustrating that I don't seem to know WHY I create art. They hear whispers if not screams. I hear nothing.

Kelly Rae Roberts posted a link to Simon Sinek’s video where he talks about selling the WHY and not the WHAT. I have a really hard time figuring out the why. I don’t find the words that would describe my WHY.

I create because I like pretty faces. I create because I want to try new techniques. Sometimes I even create because I’m bored or when I have a fall out with my hubby. But I don’t feel any divine calling in it. Nobody came to me in a dream and told me to make pretty faces on mixed media backgrounds. There was no earth shattering moment or incident in my life that made me turn to art to express my pain or joy. Art did not save my soul, cause my soul was not in need of saving.

I have no reason to create.

But I still do.

So how do I figure out my WHY?

I keep reading the "about" section of artist's blogs and sites. They have such insightful stories to tell about how they came to be what/where/who they are at this moment. Their words are so inspirational telling us how they dreamed, how they feared and how they finally took a leap.

Me? Have you noticed I don't have an "about" section on top there?

I need some tips how to go about this. Any suggestions?


  1. Haha: "They hear whispers if not screams. I hear nothing"

    No, saj verjetno ni mišljeno smešno, pa vseeno ne škodi, če se človek malo nasmeji.

    Drugače pa: nič hudega, če se sprašuješ, vendar vseeno, tudi, če ni konkretne stvari (odgovora), je verjetno nekaj neoprijemljivega, kar te žene k ustvarjanju. Pač gola potreba po izražanju čustev, itd. To je pomoje bistvo vsega, hm(?)

    Mogoče pa se vprašaj v drugo smer: Zakaj bi ti nekaj manjkalo, če ne bi ustvarjala?

  2. Just too funny to see you writing about the why. I just (tried) to start this discussion over at Suzi's in het Art Journal section. Because I don't have a why either .. Well, I do, but it is nothing deep, dark or spiritual, it's the opposite. My mind goes wonderfully blank when painting or drawing, no deep thoughts, I am not evolving into superwoman, I am just leaving all day worries behind me for a while LOL Anyway, looks like I do have a WHY .... It's my escape from real life in order to keep my sanity ;-)
    Hope you find your WHY too ! If not, I don't think that's a problem either, so just keep on painting please !

  3. Hi! :-) Could it be as simple as it is a way to express you self and /or a way of relaxing by focusing on something you love (and take a break from everything else for a short while)? :-)

    I think everybody needs to find some way to express themselves and to find that time for yourself. But I don't think it has to be deep or BIG. Some people like gardening, others cooking and other sports and so on.

    That little theory is a part of my "why". :-)

  4. Natasha what a refreshing post! looks like you and I should start a club for artists without a 'why', lol!
    I too, have seen artists statements, or read books where it sounds like there was some buried dream of art, or something spiritual happened and they found themselves. I don't have anything that magical to say...basically I paint because I absolutely love creating so much, and I think about art constantly. Maybe for us, it is simply our passion.

    Believe me, I've wondered why others are so special that they feel touched by divinity when they create, and I don't. For some it sounds like the heavens opened up and the angels started singing, letting them know this is what they were meant to do.

    There was never any fear of taking a leap into art, I simply did it.
    Look at it this way, everything you create is a part of you, and who you's a desire to put yourself out there. Nothing wrong with that right??
    keep on painting, and enjoy the process. I don't think we are alone :-)

  5. You don't need to know why--you just create and people find pleasure in looking at it. You evoke feelings in people and in yourself. That's what art is all about!!

  6. Hi Natasha! Great post! For me, it's not really a question I ponder. I enjoy just creating and being in the moment and watching a sketch magically transform right before my very eyes. It's always a treat to see the outcome of a painting after I've already imagined it. Sometimes it's far from what I planned and I like that about art. Maybe that's a possibility why you like to create too. Whatever the reason may be, you were born to share your talent with the world! Creative Blessings to you! :)

  7. I agree - I don't think you need to include a "why" you create. You just enjoy spreading beauty and creating a little beauty for yourself. :) That's all that matters! :) Thanks for visiting with me today - hope you are having a wonderfully creative and magical day! Theresa

  8. I enjoyed your post very much. It is interesting to ponder the hows and whys once in a while. Especially since it is so new to me. One thing I love about creating art is that I get very present, barely think of other things. I love this feeling. I suppose a bit like meditation. Your sketches are lovely as can be!
    Thank you again for your thoughts on my dream.

  9. These little faces are precious!!!!

  10. I don't have the magical answer for you. I'm like you--I just love to create, and all I know is that I am very CONTENT when I do. What do you think it would be like if you didn't or couldn't do this--I would not be the same person I am today--I know that for sure.

  11. Anonymous11 June, 2010

    Super post! For me, creating is like watering a plant. If I don't create I wither and die inside. I didn't realise this until I started creating again. ☺ It makes me happy! So maybe you do not need to know why, you just know that you need to! ♥

  12. Thanks heaven I'm not the only one without a divine plan behind my creating. I like doing stuff. I feel great pleasure when I finish something that can be held in my hands. And it keeps me from dozing off in front of the TV at nights when I'm actually too tired to stay awake, but I don't want to go to bed yet. That's all :D

  13. Really interesting... I have never asked myself why, I just always have, it is like a thing that is in me like having toast for breakfast. Maybe the why will hit us one day?

  14. I don't think you need a why. Do kids ask why? Or are they just about having fun and enjoying the moment? Do what feels right is my opinion. Oh, and I've had my blog for over a year now and haven't gotten back to the "about me" that I left blank. Nice work here!

  15. Your blog is wonderful.Bravo!!!
    Greetings from Croatia:))

  16. I really like your drawings. I love drawing pretty faces too! Good to connect with you - from the Artist blog hop.


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