Monday, June 7, 2010


What fuels you? What makes you create? What makes you get up and run (not walk!) to your art stash and make art?

For me, mostly other artist and their work or a new technique that I want to try out. I found Traci Bautista some time ago, I have her bookmarked. :) But it wasn’t until yesterday while I was watching some of her videos that I just had to pick up a piece of paper and a pen and start doodling.

But that wasn’t enough. Five minutes into doodling I had to get up from my chair and go get some paint. Red and yellow were the first paint tubes I got my hands on and this is what came out of it. :) I didn’t even look for appropriate paper, I just tore some sheets of an old calendar of mine. See, there is a photo of my beloved Kana.

Birdies were on my mind.


I used punchanella and blue paint.

Monoprinting hearts. I cut out a heart shape from a plastic sheet to make a stencile.

I hear peacock feathers are all the hipe right now. :)

I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it but it felt good just doodling without a goal in mind. Sorry about the red overload. :)
What about you? What made you jump lately?


  1. Hi, I'm a fellow member of Flying Lessons. Thanks for bringing me to your blog. I love this post -- how it gives the step by step of how this painting evolved. Can we see the final painting? You really have a talent.

    I keep going back to your blog and will be adding it as a link to mine. You can check me out at:

  2. Hi ! I just love the red overload LOL especially with the blue as contrasting color. Been looking at that doodle class, looks like so much fun ! And you are right, that's what makes me rush to my art supplies too, new techniques to try ;-)

  3. these are wonderfully charming, I love that you used an old calendar! Recycling and all.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

  4. I am loving your doodles! The bright colors, the cute birdies - can't wait to see what you do with them all! Theresa

  5. Oh, you make me want to get out my Collage Unleashed book and fool around. I really like Traci Bautista's art too, and I plan on taking on of her workshops later on, when I'm not so busy. I love your doodle art!

  6. Sweet little birdie is my favorite!
    Have a wonderful week dear!

  7. I love your doodles, they look really great and I love all that red... I can tell you had fun.

  8. I love it! All of them are adorable! All the colors go so well together and it shows that you were having fun while creating. =)
    Hope to see more very soon.


  9. I love how your shared about your inspiration from Traci! Your enthusiasm is catchy, and your doodles are really cool! (a fellow "flyer") ~Sam

  10. It looks wonderful! dont you just love those sudden surges of creativity?

  11. natasha the doodles...i make purses and accessories out of mine...i also love what is called zen it, you will love them...just winging in from flying lessons...great to connect

    blessings, rebecca

  12. Anonymous10 June, 2010

    loving all that you did.. and read the last few posts.. about the other artists as well.
    Isn't it fun when you do that?
    click here there, then you find some amazing creations ..
    Your work is wonderous..
    Thank u for sharing


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