Friday, March 26, 2010

My thoughts on on-line workshops

If you've been following me for a while you might have noticed that I have taken quite a few on-line workshops to be modest. :) I thought I had a grip on my on-line workshop addiction but I was wrong. I've signed up for two yesterday and two more starting in April.

If you're just beginning to look at all these workshops that are offered these days it might be a little overwhelming so I thought I'd share with you my experiences.

On-line workshops I've taken:

Suzi Blu

- Les Petit Dolls - 55$

- The Goddess and the Poet - 55$

- Angels - 25$

I started off with Suzi Blu. Now for some she might be a bit extreme but for me she is very inspiring and motivating. So if you're interested in drawing little Petit Dolls I would recommend her class to start with. In all her workshops she has lots and lots of videos and she covers all the details. Les Petit Dolls class is for beginners. That is if you have never drawn a doll in your life, she teaches you how to from scrap. I love this workshop!

Goddess and the Poet class covers a bit more realistic faces but still whimsical. Angels class is more of a theme project. It's not for beginners because she doesn't teach faces from scrap but shows you how to make 3 different paintings.

I love that she doesn't raise her workshop prices. That way she makes them more accessible. The only thing with Suzi is that although you can always get her on e-mail but with ning she's a bit chaotic and doesn't always stick to planned.


- mixed media with the girls - 68$

I love Wyanne. She is a totally different teacher from Suzi. She is calm and soft and her techniques are amazing. She holds her class on a private blog where you can post your artwork. Again lots of videos and step by step instructions. She even gives you a template for drawing her girls. It makes it so much easier to draw a face and full body in different positions.

Monica Zuniga

- Fairy Claudia - 60$

- Mixed Media Backgrounds - 40$

- Sing a Love Song - free

Monica is an amazing artist. Again I learned a few techniques new to me. Through her videos she shows you the whole process of making the page. I bought the mixed media background class just yesterday so I cannot tell you yet what it's like.

Sing a love song class is for free if you take two or more of her paid classes. Her newest classes are a bit expensive but she makes a great deal for you by offering a free class to go along with it. So if you take Inspire me! or her pencil class she offers a free workshop from one of her paid classes that cost 60$. So to calculate, you buy one class for 120$ and you get a 60$ class for free and then if you take another class from her like this mixed media background for 40$ you get a Sing a love song class for free. So to sum it up you pay 160$ and you get 4 workshops which ends up 40$ per class. Not bad. :)

Julie Prichard

- layer love - 43$

- art Journaling supernova I in II - 69$

- complex collage - 49$

Julie is more of a systematic teacher. If you like more of a structured class, she is the one for you. Layer love was my first class with Julie and I loved it. Lots of videos to explain everything. For me this technique is a bit much. I took everything I've learned and simplified it a bit. Julie is really a layer person. :) Layer upon layer.

Supernova was exciting as well. First part teaches you 3 different ways to bind a book or a journal for that matter. Nothing new here, you can get the instructions on YouTube but I think her way of explaining it is more clear. At least that's my opinion. I don't regret taking this class at all. The second part of Supernova is about journals. Some backgrounds were too simple for me and some were a quick version of layer love. But for a newbie it might have been an amazing class. I loved it just as well because the rest of the class was filled with tips and tricks.

The only thing that bothers me is that you cannot download videos. They are there for you as long as the ning exists but I prefer to have videos on my computer.

Complex collage is a new class starting in April. Chris Cozen is teaching it together with Julie so I'm really excited about that.

Alisa Burke

- Graffiti chic - 50$

I love Alisa's art. She is truly amazing. I first bought her book Canvas Remix and I loved all the techniques described and pictured in it. That's why I decided to take her on-line class as well. I might have expected the class to be more like the book that's why I was a little disappointed. I really didn't care for graffiti letters but the rest was pretty decent. I guess this style of art making it's just not for me although I really enjoy watching Alisa paint in her videos.

Marie Gibbons

- painting on air dry clay - 25$

- mini workshop Aprils fool - 10$

- mini workshop woof - 10$

- mini workshop hearts - 10$

- memory keepers - 40$

Marie is awesome! I love her mini workshops they are so affordable. If you like working with clay this is the right class for you. I myself was very into it at the beginning but then I didn't like the mess of clay anymore. I'm like that at times. But hey, if I didn't try it I wouldn't have known, right?! :) But I still love to check out all the videos and wish I could make all of it. :)

Sharon Tomlinson

- All Norah's faces - 65$

This class is my favorite right now. I love doing these faces. Sharon is amazing. Lots of videos of looking over Sharon's shoulder and seeing her paint. She has some bonus videos in there as well. I highly recommend this class.

Carla Sonheim

- art of Silliness - 25$

I've been waiting for Carla to do an on-line class for as long as I know of her and her art. Her artwork is different and I can't wait to learn more about it. The class starts in April and it's a bit different from the rest. She plans to teach through e-mails and I'm excited to see how it will work out. And she wrote a book as well called Drawing Lab which is up for pre-order. I don't need to tell you I ordered it the very same day, do I? :)

Most of these classes are on going except for Suzi's but I prefer to have a start and a finish. That way you can go along with all the hype and energy from the rest of classmates. If you join the class after everyone else have already done it, it's not all that exciting any more. But that's my personal preference.


  1. You've listed a bunch of nice workshops here, thanks ! I just recently discovered the online workshops, but I love the concept ;-)

  2. Hi Natasha,
    I am a fellow addict. I have taken so many. I have learned something new from each teacher even when it isn't quite my style.I just signed up for piety and passion with suzi last night(goddess and poet 2) . I love Wyanne and Monica as well.I even had the pleasure of learning with Misty Mawn , if you ever get the chance take one with her. I had not heard of Carla but it sounds very interesting:)
    I am sure I will see you in class somewhere. Wonderful Post!!

  3. Hi ladies! :) Jackie, I've been looking at Misty's workshop but couldn't really decide. You don't think Suzi covers everything in the goddess and the poet class? Did you learn something new from Misty? I would really be interested in your thoughts about that. :)

  4. I've been wanting to take an online class for a while but wasn't sure about doing it. It's great to see you have so many recommendations, makes it easier to take the plunge!

  5. Thanks for the class listing. I love to take online classes and I'v found out about some here I didn't know about!!

  6. What a great list for classes! I wish I could afford to take some. Although a college grad, you do not learn enough. I learned more at my art jobs. Your art is so lovely!
    Thanks for visiting my blog btw! Your white cat reminds me of Kenzie!
    Linda :)

  7. Reading this post will cost me soooo much money :))))
    Love Sharon's class too.

  8. Sad that most of links to ning sites are closed for us, non registered :( will go googling web pages :)

  9. I have the addiction too. It slowed down a bit when I had to let go of stuff but now I am back. I just signed up for Sharon's class so I am glad to see you liked it.

  10. These all sound like great workshops! Isnt it amazing home much you can learn from your own home? I've done the Gritty Jane cloth clay dolls workshop and also KC Willis' fabric collage workshop. Both were amazing! Good luck with all your creative endeavors!~

  11. Wow, thanks for listing all the workshops and your thoughts...really helpful :) I love taking online classes, so accessible for those of us "in the middle of nowhere!"

  12. Hi Natasha! Thanks for the reviews. I'm a bit of an online class addict too. Doing Goddess and Poet at the moment. :)


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