Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This couple is finally on it's way to it's new owner. It's a commissioned piece that gave me a headache for the past month at least. It's twice the size of my ordinary paintings so it was a challenge to start with. But not only that, things just wouldn't come together as I wished. I had to fix it numerous times.
The jury is still out weather I like it or not. :):) I think I hold a grudge against it just because it gave me so much trouble. :) But my co-worker who commissioned this piece likes it and that's what counts.

Enjoy your day. :)


  1. I.... LOVE it! I love the way you do your faces and backgrounds. And I know what you meant about working on a piece. After a while you look at it and work on it so much, that you can't get an objective view.

  2. I love his hair!! Your painting is just wonderful!!

  3. I think it is beautiful, and yes it's always hard like Diane said to get an objective view. We are always our own worst critics!
    Your faces are so sweet :)

    Take care xo

  4. This painting is so cute! Never tell you struggled with it all.
    You are finished and can sigh and rest! Thew!
    It is always a little panic creating a commision piece, then to go larger is another.
    You have come in in glorious colours!
    Got to say....
    Love their cute liitle noses.



  5. I really like it, Natasha! I love the spring colors and all the butterflies surrounding the couple. You are right - it's important that the new owner likes the painting. Which she does, and that's a good thing! :) Theresa

  6. Lušten parček in zelo lepo ozadje!

  7. You did a fantastic job, I love it!

  8. Wow congratulations on doing a commission!!! That's so exciting!! I think you have done a wonderful job, you have such a softness to your work it's so pretty, I really like how you've done the guy I don't really do guys very often and I think you have pulled this off perfectly!! I think if we look at something for too long it's hard to see it objectively but this is really lovely and I think your co-worker is going to love it! Well done!

  9. neverjetno, kako se ti posvečaš vsakemu detajlu... na prvi pogled tako preprosto, na drugi pa doterano do prefinjene dovršenosti.

  10. It's really great! And commissions are SO HARD!! I mean, when you're not doing a commission, you look at it through your own eyes, but when you're doing one for someone else, it's entirely different. You aren't just doing it for yourself in the hopes of it selling, you're doing it for someone who's expecting you to do it a certain way, or so you think. And then you worry that it isn't good enough. At least that's how it is for me whenever I do commissions. I find commissions to be REALLY HARD!!!

    But anyway, it's lovely, and she loves it!!!! So congrats on a job well done!


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