Monday, October 12, 2009

Supernova Journal Pages

I mentioned some time ago that I'm taking Julie Prichard's Supernova on-line class. In part 1 Julie showed us how to make a book. I made the easiest one so far, the skinny book. :)

And in part 2 she's showing us techniques for journal pages. I'm not that good at journaling but I have the backgrounds all done. Here are a few.
Lesson 1:

Lesson 2:


  1. Great backgrounds, it makes me want to try doing that in my journal as I think that my journal pieces have been lacking in the background. Thank you for your visit!!! I'm glad that you liked my new pieces I'm trying so many new things at the moment and really loving it. I have been thinking that one day I would like to try to sell my work and I'm currently trying to make and design some pendants out of some prints of my favourite pieces. I am very attached to my stuff at the moment though. Do you sell your work?

  2. Te tvoje barve so mi vedno bolj všeč :) Ozadja so super. Kaj bo pa gor? al ostanejo taka?

  3. Your mixed media journal pages are looking awesome!

  4. Thank you ladies. :)
    Sonja, naj bi gor še kaj napisala al pa kaj podobnega, ampak se trenutno še bojim, da bi kaj zaj*****. :) Tako da zaenkrat ostaja tako kot je, da dobim kakšno idejo. Trenutno me bolj zanimajo tehnike kako delat ta ozadja. Bo še prav prišlo za kaj drugega. :)

  5. These are such lovely pages, theyve got really nice elements. Loving the hearts with wings :-)

  6. Beautiful ,you are an artist....Laura


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