Monday, July 20, 2009

Wreck this journal

I've been wrecking this weekend. :) How about you?
Here is some journal golfing for you. This was hard I really broke a sweat. :)

It was time for some adrenalin rush. Jumping off the balcony did the trick.

A nice cup of water to silent the thirst.

Uuuu, a mud bath, getting kinky. :)
It was time to take a shower after all that sweating.

It was a sunny day so drying off was easy.
To wrap up the day I lost a page.

But my pooch found it and did some wrecking on her own.:)
Thanks for stopping by and check some other Journal Wreckers. Wreck on!


  1. Oha! Has the dog swallowed some pages?
    Maybe the one with the food in it ;)

  2. thanks for the comment you left on my blog! you have a beautiful blog here, I have looked at your art, it's gorgeous. I read some of the Taking Flight book, but haven't tried the art yet.
    happy wrecking!

  3. Wow, you are an INTENSE wrecker! I am not brave enough to get my book dirty or wet yet. Excellent job. :)

  4. Really cute!!!!
    I never got the journal golfing down. That was hard!!!!

  5. It's like your journal went to a vacation spa place ... a little golf, then off for treatments and rounding it all off with dinner ... only your journal was the dinner!

  6. I love that shot of your journal in the shower, what a great perspective! Wow... very brave wreckage this week- Excellent work!!:-)

  7. I think you are the only one to get a pet interested in WTJ!!Hasnt this been a great journey?

  8. Ah, you're so brave to do the shower thing. I'm still resisting it! And love the doggie bite of the journal. My dog did the same.

    Great wreck work! Well Done! ;)

  9. LOL, I love the story you tell. And that balcony must be pretty high for you to have gotten 3 whole pictures in. Way to wreck!

  10. What great pictures!

  11. Very action oriented. Go go go!


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