Monday, July 13, 2009

Angel page

I think this is page nb. 6. Angel is done following Kelly Rae Roberts' step by step instructions described in her book Taking Flight. I had to put my own little twist on the page. I had fun with shading her face. Don't look too close though cause I have no idea how to shade I just play around with it and she came out all right. :)

I also bought a calligraphy pen for the inspirational writing. It's no calligraphy but writing is cuter. :) Of course I had to put some stamping on her dress. Angel wings are something I bought a while ago. They are made out of cardstock that I cut to the shape of her body and collaged it.

Angels face.


  1. Tebi je pa tole ornk zalaufalo!

  2. Hello fellow Unraveller! Glad to meet you!

  3. This is lovely!! I think the shading in her face is perfect!!! What a lovely page!! I love seeing what you are coming up with you work is fantastic!!! Those wings are gorgeous!! I'm working on an angel piece at the moment, it's a canvas painting but I'm struggling a bit with it. I shall post it when I finish it, you have given me inspiration to keep going!!

  4. oh wow!!! wonderful angel....she looks fabulous!!!

  5. Anonymous20 July, 2009



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