Thursday, July 30, 2009

Altered book cover

I've been sewing. :) It's not my favorite thing to do, actually it's my least favorite, but this was easy to do because I didn't worry about doing it nice and perfect. The stitches are all over the place and the lines are crooked and it's OK. :)

This is my cover for the altered book that I'm doing. It's graffiti art that I showed you before but all done now. :) The cat will be on a front cover. I just need to glue it down.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Blue cats

I've been drawing cats and painting them blue. :) I got inspired by Fannie Narte and her blue kats. When I saw them I just had to do some of my own. It took me some time to figure out the shape but I did it in the end. :) They are painted on canvas sheets which I intend to cut up and use them in another project.

Here are close ups.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Wreck this journal

I've been wrecking this weekend. :) How about you?
Here is some journal golfing for you. This was hard I really broke a sweat. :)

It was time for some adrenalin rush. Jumping off the balcony did the trick.

A nice cup of water to silent the thirst.

Uuuu, a mud bath, getting kinky. :)
It was time to take a shower after all that sweating.

It was a sunny day so drying off was easy.
To wrap up the day I lost a page.

But my pooch found it and did some wrecking on her own.:)
Thanks for stopping by and check some other Journal Wreckers. Wreck on!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Graffiti art

Hi everyone! I haven't been around for a while. I've been working on some graffiti backgrounds. I bought a book called Canvas Remix written by Alisa Burke and I love how free it makes you feel. I'm having fun! :)

Here are three graffiti backgrounds made with different techniques. They are made on canvas sheets. Did you know you can buy canvas sheets in a sketch book? I just found out the other day when I was looking for untreated canvas in an art shop.

With this one I used spray paint. Now, that's messy.:) I really didn't think about it and just started spraying on my kitchen table. Don't do that, EVER! :):) And then I wanted to clean my stencil, again not thinking, and that stuff is not like acrylic paint. I had to use my nail polish remover to clean my hands, the stencil and the kitchen sink. A mess, I tell you! I was taught a lesson for sure. :)

I can't wait to do some sewing with this canvas. :)
Mixed Media Monday has a theme "play" this week. And I sure did play with these backgrounds. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Angel page

I think this is page nb. 6. Angel is done following Kelly Rae Roberts' step by step instructions described in her book Taking Flight. I had to put my own little twist on the page. I had fun with shading her face. Don't look too close though cause I have no idea how to shade I just play around with it and she came out all right. :)

I also bought a calligraphy pen for the inspirational writing. It's no calligraphy but writing is cuter. :) Of course I had to put some stamping on her dress. Angel wings are something I bought a while ago. They are made out of cardstock that I cut to the shape of her body and collaged it.

Angels face.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wreck this journal

Is everybody having fun wrecking their jounal?? I had a slow week. Didn't feel like doing any wrecking. But yesterday! Yesterday and today were wrecking days. :)

I was playing with fire. :):) And I was loving it! :) Look at my cute lighter. :)

And since I was on a roll I defaced my picture with fire as well. :) I had to renew my documents and I needed a photo but I looked awful on it. I even went to three different photographers but didn't do any good so I gave up and used this hideous photo of myself. I look pretty now, don't I?! :)

I don't think I'll make a career out of writing with my mouth. Not good at it at all. :)

Sing it with me! R.E.S.P.E.C.T. !! Find out what it means to me. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. !!

I actually liked drawing with my left hand. You know how you always feel like you have to do everything perfect? This gave me freedom to mess up.

Thanks for stopping by! Go check out how others wrecked their journals.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wyanne page

This is my "Wyanne page". :) I took a Wyanne Thompson online class and this is what she taught me. :)

I always have trouble with the background but I let go and just wait and see what happens. And I always love it in the end.:) The girl is done with acrylics on watercolor paper and then collaged on the page. And I finally got the hair right! :):)

Her face up close.

The flowers are circles cut out of design scrapbook paper and glued together.

I just remembered I need to give her a name. :) To me she lookes kinnda blissed sitting all pretty and dreamy. And that's what I'm going to call her - Bliss. :) Melange On Etsy has a challenge theme bliss this week, so go and check it out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fairy Claudia page

This page started the whole altered book project. :) This is Fairy Claudia taught by Monica Zuniga on Hands and Heart ning. There are some other pages too that you just have to check out.

The photo doesn't really give justice to Fairy Claudia, colors are a little off and she looks a little weird from afar. :) So here are some close ups.

And because I loved absolutely everything about this page I decided to make a canvas painting of it so I can hang it on the wall. I actually did a better job the second time. :)

I LOVE her face. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Layer Love page

The final lesson from Layer Love taught by Julie Prichard. Isn't this one just magnificent? I love it! I did the final lesson in my altered book because it incorporates everything that Julie taught us. And Julie decided that she will keep the Layer Love class opened so you can still register. Isn't that great?!

And here are some details. The cat is a stamp from Inkadinkado company. I love cats and I thought this would be just perfect.

Collaged piece.

Pages are still coming up. :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Lady has Heart Page

This is a page I did following Kelly Rae Roberts' step by step instructions described in her book Taking Flight. I added some stamping because I found it a bit bare. I used old postcards for the first layer. It's good I used to save every mail I received, it comes in handy nowadays. :) One postcard in particularly cracked me up. It was from a friend of mine and while reading it I was seriously questioning her sobriety when writing me that postcard. :) There is also a drawing of a fish on the right side that I was very keen to keep it visible. It's subtle but it's there. :)

And her face.

The heart is made from air dry clay following instructions from Marie Gibbons' class. I must say I really enjoy pinching that clay. :) But it was a nightmare to color it. Seriously, is there a black air dry clay I can buy? It would make it so much easier for me. :)

Page nb. 3 coming soon.

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