Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Layer Love Lesson 7

I skipped lesson 4 because I don´t have crackle paint and lesson 6 I´m not too keen on showing you because I tried it two times and it looked awful each time. I´ll give it another try later. Lesson 8 I already did and I´ll show you next time. Just one lesson more and the class will be over. I´m so glad I took this on-line workshop cause I learned so much.

So here it is pink lesson nb. 7. Ok, so it looks a bit purplish but it´s more pink in reality. I already did something with it and I love it. Stay tuned for more. :)


  1. Wauu, pink ozadje :) Že komaj čakam, da vidim, kako si ga uporabila.

  2. Ojej, a lesson 7 je pink? Ta bo šla pa meni bolj težko od prstkov, se bojim, ampak da vidimo. Tebi je vsekakor uspela. Jaz sem malčk zadaj.

  3. Anonymous17 June, 2009

    Beautiful job, Natasha!! Purple or pink...I'll say it again...well done!

  4. Of course we will ;) (stay tuned!)

    Superca, me zanima kaj si naredila s to podlago.



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