Monday, June 29, 2009

Altered book project

I´m working on a couple of things but I can´t show you just yet. :)

I came across some altered books but couldn´t quite grasp the concept of it. To me books are something long-lasting and I couldn´t see myself using one of my books for canvas to paint on. And I couldn´t bring myself to buy an old book to do the same, so I decided this wasn´t for me.

Until I found Hands and Heart ning created by an artist Monica Zuniga. She even offers a free altering books class so go and check it out.

Anyway I´m taking one of her on-line classes and we're using a book to paint in. So there goes my theory out the window. :) But I did find an old interactive children's book in my possession from over 20 years ago that was perfect for this project and I didn´t feel guilty "destroying" it.:) This is how the front cover looks like for now. You can see in the upper right corner that one of my cats found it delicous. :):)

The book has many pages so I´m using different techniques to fill them up. And since I follow step by step instructions to learn these techniques, I cannot show you the process of it simply because it wouldn´t be fair to the artists that worked hard to share their passion and knowledge in this way. I will show you the final work but for now just some sneak peeks. :)

This one started it all. :) This sneak peek is from a Fairy Claudia page taught by Monica Zuniga on Hands and Heart ning.

Next page shows a technique that I learned from a book called Taking Flight written by Kelly Rae Roberts.

I wasn't really planning on buying this book from Kelly Rae but when I read somewhere that it has step by step instructions in it I was off to Amazon. :) I was surprised how familiar it was to me as if in many ways I was reading about my life. :) I guess we all, or shell I say most of us, share the same feelings and thoughts and even think that it's just us and nobody else would understand. Well Kelly proved me wrong. :) I LOVE this book. I recommend it to every artistic soul out there. It's so inspiring and encouraging and to top it off, Kelly shows some of her own techniques combined with some other artists that she looks up to.

So this is the third page that I'm working on.

There is a 3D object that Kelly puts on this painting. And since I'm taking Marie Gibbons' air dry clay class on her evbStudioHOME ning I thought I would incorporate some of Marie's class on this page.

Thanks for stopping by. :) Come back soon to see my finished pages.


  1. Ko berem tale post, bi skoraj res pomislila, da si mejčkeno obsedena s temi on-line delavnicami :) Ampak se mi zdi pa tako super, da delaš na sebi, na različnih tehnikah. Komaj čakam, da pokažeš kak nov izdelek :)

  2. Hi! Thanks for telling me about Hands and Heart. She is wonderful. Thanks, also for visiting my blog!!!


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