Monday, June 29, 2009

Altered book project

I´m working on a couple of things but I can´t show you just yet. :)

I came across some altered books but couldn´t quite grasp the concept of it. To me books are something long-lasting and I couldn´t see myself using one of my books for canvas to paint on. And I couldn´t bring myself to buy an old book to do the same, so I decided this wasn´t for me.

Until I found Hands and Heart ning created by an artist Monica Zuniga. She even offers a free altering books class so go and check it out.

Anyway I´m taking one of her on-line classes and we're using a book to paint in. So there goes my theory out the window. :) But I did find an old interactive children's book in my possession from over 20 years ago that was perfect for this project and I didn´t feel guilty "destroying" it.:) This is how the front cover looks like for now. You can see in the upper right corner that one of my cats found it delicous. :):)

The book has many pages so I´m using different techniques to fill them up. And since I follow step by step instructions to learn these techniques, I cannot show you the process of it simply because it wouldn´t be fair to the artists that worked hard to share their passion and knowledge in this way. I will show you the final work but for now just some sneak peeks. :)

This one started it all. :) This sneak peek is from a Fairy Claudia page taught by Monica Zuniga on Hands and Heart ning.

Next page shows a technique that I learned from a book called Taking Flight written by Kelly Rae Roberts.

I wasn't really planning on buying this book from Kelly Rae but when I read somewhere that it has step by step instructions in it I was off to Amazon. :) I was surprised how familiar it was to me as if in many ways I was reading about my life. :) I guess we all, or shell I say most of us, share the same feelings and thoughts and even think that it's just us and nobody else would understand. Well Kelly proved me wrong. :) I LOVE this book. I recommend it to every artistic soul out there. It's so inspiring and encouraging and to top it off, Kelly shows some of her own techniques combined with some other artists that she looks up to.

So this is the third page that I'm working on.

There is a 3D object that Kelly puts on this painting. And since I'm taking Marie Gibbons' air dry clay class on her evbStudioHOME ning I thought I would incorporate some of Marie's class on this page.

Thanks for stopping by. :) Come back soon to see my finished pages.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Self portrait

You like my knee socks don´t cha?! :):)
Another week at Flickr group Self Portrait Challenge titled "shoes".
I experimented a little with color below. Like it?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wreck this journal

It´s wracking time again! :):) You know how it is when you´re upset and you can´t show it on the outside but on the inside you´re kicking people in the knee? That´s how I felt doing this page. I did it at work and I was seriously aiming for those knee caps. Can you tell? :):)

These circles were like meditation for me. I just couldn´t stop. :)

Flowers of course! And rectangles. :) What do you doodle while you´re on the phone?

Testing, testing.

This one was a nightmare. I just couldn´t decide which number to put first. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lesson eight

This one was most fun of all. :) I like the drips. I had some trouble with shading the edges but it came out alright in the end. What should I do with it? I already did the mermaid so I don´t wanna do that. It looks like the ocean and I have no idea what to put on it. And don´t say fish. I don´t do fish. :)

Lesson nine is the last one for Layer Love online workshop with Julie Prichard. I´m sad that it´s ending but I loved the learning process. The last lesson is something really special and I can´t wait to get started. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Self Portrait

Self portrait Challenge theme runs for a month, so this is my second week. This photo was taken yesterday when it was raining. I took about 60 shots to get this one. These shoes are probably about 15 years old and I still love to wear them.

And this was the photo I was originally planning to post but as it happens I forgot to put myself in it. :) It cannot be a self portrait if I´m not in it. :) But it´s so damn cute you get to see it anyway. Our Karst Shepherd Kato sleeping with my shoe. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wreck This Journal

I was never a girl who kept a journal. I was trying to but never quite grasped it, I was always too afraid to write anything too personal or too deep in case somebody might read it. I even tried an art journal and gave up on it. But this journal is different you get to wreck it.:) And I don´t mind wrecking stuff so I´m off to Wreck This Journal.

I did some pages and it reminded me of school. :) I used to write on the sides of the books all the time. Never wrote on the cover or title page though. :)
Poking holes was the most fun. :) And using office supply.
Tracing the things in my handbag. I couldn´t get everything on because I have a lot of papers in my bag and just tracing squares wouldn´t make sense. :) And some other stuff that are pretty much self explanatory.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take a number...

Don´t you just love her hair? :):) I know, it was an escape for me. I´m terrible with hair so I thought I couldn´t go wrong with this one. :) I showed her to my hubby and he said, "Nice, but what´s with the hair?!" :):) So, she´s got an afro. So what?!?! :):):)

Her face was a bit hard to do because it´s in a smaller scale and blending was a nightmare. And the heat didn´t help at all. The oil pastels kept sticking to my fingers and the color was coming off the face. That´s why her eyes are closed because I couldn´t do them this small with oil pastels. I gues I could do them with paint but once I closed her eyes I liked it. I should probably try doing faces with paint. We´ll see. The birdies are collaged and one of them is taking a number for Mixed Media Monday.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hands & Hearts

Monica Zuniga has opened a new ning site called Hands & Hearts. She is offering some amazing online classes and of course I´m taking one of them. :) Come and join. She is also offering one class of your choice for FREE if you help to spread the word about it. Check it out on her blog.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Layer Love Lesson 7

I skipped lesson 4 because I don´t have crackle paint and lesson 6 I´m not too keen on showing you because I tried it two times and it looked awful each time. I´ll give it another try later. Lesson 8 I already did and I´ll show you next time. Just one lesson more and the class will be over. I´m so glad I took this on-line workshop cause I learned so much.

So here it is pink lesson nb. 7. Ok, so it looks a bit purplish but it´s more pink in reality. I already did something with it and I love it. Stay tuned for more. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Self portrait

I decided I neglected photography long enough and it was about time to start shooting again. :) So, I found a photography group on Flickr called Self Portrait Challenge which has monthly challenges. I thought this would be a nice way of getting me back on track. This months challenge is all about our shoes. And here are mine. These are my favorites, they are so comfortable and I wear them all the time. Ok not all the time but most of it. :)

And I love my knee socks as well. :) I have a ton of them in different colors and patterns. They are not becoming of my age but who cares, right?! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Annie on a swing

It´s beautiful outside. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming ... well, they were but our town decided it´s time to mow the meadows and all the beautiful wild flowers with it.

At least the birds are still singing. I live in the middle of the towns park (yeah, I know it sounds weird :)) and I´m surrounded with trees and I can hear birds from dusk till down.

On this beautiful day, Annie decided to go for a swing. Remember how we used to swing? As high as it could possibly go. Mother yelling from the bench, "Not so high, you´re gonna fall!" :)

And jumping off the swing. Remember competing who jumps the furthest? We didn´t mind the bumps and the scraped knees in those times. :) I was always bruised but I have never broken a bone.

Hope you have a beautiful day as well. Maybe you´ll go for a swing. :)
Theme Thursday wants to see flourishes in our creations and I just happen to have used them on this painting. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was time for me to do an angel. :) I used background from Lesson 5 at Layer Love class. I love the circles. They are so simple and yet they give so much to the painting.

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