Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pink Lily

Isn´t she cute?! :) I´m taking another on-line class this time with uber talented Wyanne. :) She does some amazing techniques and I love them all. This is my first try which I messed up from the beginning. In early stages I mixed up my water and alcohol spray bottle and I was spraying my ass off with alcohol instead of water so I had to wash the board and then paint it white so I could start over. Wyanne makes it look so easy but things just didn´t come out the way they supposed to. I tried to do hair Wyanne style but didn´t work out. Anyway, I´m happy with my little Pink Lily. :) Even though it looks like her head is too small for her body. :) Artistic expression, ok?! :)

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  1. Huh, dobra si, da zmoreš več kot en tečaj hkrati, jaz sem še pri LL v zaostanku :)


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