Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ocean deep

Lesson two at Julie Prichard´s school. :) We added some collage this time and I see now that I forgot to add some black at the bottom. I had some trouble with this backgrund because I used some colors that I thought were transparent acrylics but when I went over them with Glazing Medium or washes the paint started peeling off in kind of a rubbery way. It was annoying and I think I got a couple of gray hairs. :) Anyway those green patches were supposed to be more blended in but I couldn´t do it without peeling off the underneath layer. I´ll fix it when I get to work on a final thing. Next time I´ll show you what I am doing with the red background from Lesson One.


  1. Hi Natasha!

    sorry this didn't work the way you hoped...but look at all you're learning! And that blue is gorgeous!
    Can you tell I know nothing about art??? I'll stick to cardmaking and watch you have fun with the real art!

    Blessings, Maria

  2. Thanks Maria. :) I too know nothing about art that´s why it´s so much fun learning. :)
    x Natasha x

  3. Natasha,
    Na mom blogu imaš nagradicu za tvoj novi blog


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