Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Couple in progress

I´m still working on my Happy Couple. I wasn´t liking the colors so I changed them. I stamped with pink ink first but when I added color, pink changed into red and it gave me orange tones that I didn´ t like.

I went shopping for some pink and blue and this is what came out. Now the background here was too strong, the Couple looked like they were just placed on top and were not a part of the picture.

So I stamped some words with white acrylic paint and added Kiss Me above the girls head. I´m not done yet because it all looks a bit too opaque and I´m still adding stuff to it. :) I´ll be back with finale soon. :)


  1. Sem ravno hotela komentirat prejšnji post, da sta mi bila barvna bolj všeč.. pa vidim, da nadaljuješ. In to v meni zelo všečno smer :) Je pa luštno gledat, kako se sama slika spreminja iz stopnje v stopnjo.
    Vedno bolj me mika, da bi se dala v čakalno vrsto za naslednji tečaj za obrazke. Sem včeraj pošteno prebrskala stran, flickr galerijo :) tvojo pa bom prav gotovo tudi z veseljem spremljala.

  2. Natasha, your artistic ability is amazing!! I LOVE this couple, and the dove below is beautiful as well. You are one talented lady! :)

    Thanks for being a follower at KL SNS Design Team blog. I am on the look out for readers with the KLSNS blinkie to win some goodies. I see you have a very "hoppin" blog . . . so . . . maybe I will see it here next time. Hugs, Kel


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