Thursday, May 7, 2009

I call her Yellow

You might recognize her face. She is the first one in the second row in the picture in the post below. I can call her my first Les Petit Dolls mixed media painting but really I was doing two paintings at a time. :) I know, I´m a bit impatient so I had to do something while the paint was drying. :) I like her even though the background should be lighter but I love all that shabbiness.

This is where she "began". The drawing. I didn´t name her here yet, that came later with the color choice. The colors on her face are much more vibrant here. I didn´t know that Matte Medium would dry a bit white-ish and dull the colors. I´ll be more careful in the future.

Pretty face Yellow. :) I mixed green with silver to get that metallic green for her eyes. It makes them stand out much more.

This detail on her dress is an actual tattoo rub on that kids put on their arms. :) You can also see all those cuts I made.

All she needs now is a coat of wax. Thats coming as soon as I can get a quilting iron on ebay and some wax.


  1. Sem gledala kdo je ta Natašamay. No, zdaj znam :)

  2. Všeč. Zelo zelo zelo všeč.

  3. Vidim, da je Suzy tudi tebe "okužila" in to prav uspešno. Lušne punčke so, lahko si zelo ponosna nase.


  4. Wow,you are a artist beutiful work...jLaura


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